YP ShopWise App: Get Ready for Christmas by Finding the Best Deals Around You and Using Flyers to Find the Perfect Gifts!


YP ShopWise App.
I love saving money.

Plain and simple–and who doesn’t? Especially around the holidays, while the best thing in the world is gift giving, it’s always awesome finding a great deal that saves me a few pennies. I have a dirty little secret, I save money even before walking out the door. In one fell swoop and a few click on my smartphone, using one little app. YP Shopwise saves you time and money and enhances your shopping experience. It’s your everyday shopping app. You can find great deals on thousands of products all across Canada and get instantly hooked!


See the Deals YOU Want. 

I am a bit of an app snob and I choose them carefully, ShopWise is an app that I am happy and proud to recommend to anyone. For so many reasons, it is a well-rounded app that helps you to efficiently save money, find deals and never miss a chance to save money! Not only is it efficient, I find the interface of the app is gorgeous. It’s clean, easy to navigate and responds well.



Love Flyers?

I sure do! You can find Hubby and I siting on the couch trifling through flyers, especially during the holidays, to find the best price on a product we are looking for. Also, it is great to find any specials on groceries before I leave to go shopping. What is amazing about the ShopWise app is their flyers options. I mean, think about it, all the flyers from your favorite retailers in the palm of your hand. Before I left, I knew that the ribs that I wanted to buy are on sale for $2.22/lb. Can anyone say slow-cooked ribs this weekend?


Deals Nearby.

The ShopWise app has all of your favorite categories in one page, neatly organized. I am in the market for a new TomTom GPS and I wanted to find a good price for it. I checked the deals nearby tab and immediately, Best Buy was one of the places that popped up. I searched Best Buy and it told me that it had 229 deals. I clicked it and it automagically pulled the deals and lo and behold–I found one at $129.99!


A Smarter Way to Shop.

If you are looking for an app that can take care of you, wherever you may go, make sure that you download YP ShopWise. You can download it on iTunes, here. If you use Android, no problem, get it here. They even have it available for Blackberry and you can get it through their app world, here. Saving money has never been THIS easy!

Now that you’re in on my little secret, you are on your way to saving money. With full access of flyers, deals and the best prices near you. You have a secret weapon to help you save a few bucks this holiday season. So, whether it is a new GPS like me or those cute fall boots you’ve been eyeing. Go and get it!

Have you used the YP ShopWise app yet?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I too love saving money and do whatever I can to stretch those dollars. This sounds like a great app though I don't currently own a smartphone. I guess that goes along with saving money. lol

  2. I haven't used the app yet, but it seems really cool. Almost like a virtual personal assistant in the shopping department.

  3. It is weird how many positive reviews there are here by people who haven't even tried the app. It certainly doesn't have rave reviews on Google Playstore. FYI I downloaded the app and tried it. What it needs is a feature that allows me to save the flyers that I want, otherwise I have to scroll through them all to find the 4 I need each time. It also needs a feature that allows the user to ad a flyer that isn't in the list eg. Pino's Get Fresh in Sault Ste. Marie. It would be ideal if the app allowed you to select items from flyers and create shopping lists.

    1. This is great feedback, I will be sure to let them know. I think the people who have left comments are eager to try it out and some have already tried it. 🙂 I personally love the app and have used it many times to do my shopping and find deals around me. 🙂 I do like the shopping list idea, I think that would be extremely helpful.

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