5 Tips to Create a Signature Makeup Look for Yourself

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Create a Signature Makeup Look for Yourself

Taylor Swift has her bold red lips and flawless lashes, Ariana Grande is known for her winged black eyeliner and nude lips, and Jennifer Aniston’s golden glowing skin and minimalist makeup have always enhanced her natural good looks. Many magazine articles talk about emulating celebrity makeup looks. One thing we don’t think about is that these star makeovers don’t suit our color palettes or styles. Rather than following what celebs do, learn how to create your own signature makeup look that celebrates your beauty and helps set you apart.

Choose a Palette That Compliments Your Coloring

Getting your color palette right is the key to creating your signature makeup look. Your cosmetics should be in hues that compliment your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Cosmetic color palettes can be classified into two main groups: cool and warm. To test which suits you, put a little pink-based cream foundation on one cheek and a little yellow-based foundation on the other. If the pink blends in, use a cool color palette.

Got yellow blends? Choose warm.

If you have dark hair and eyes and suit a cool palette, choose a winter color palette with black smoky eyes and pale pink lips. Cool palette women with lighter hair and eyes look best with a summer palette featuring brown or deep blue eye makeup, pink cheeks, and bolder plum lips.

Warm color palettes are divided into spring and fall looks. Spring women have dark hair and eyes. They suit earthy brown to cream eye makeup and red lips. Fall ladies, with light hair and eyes, looks beautiful with brown and taupe smoky eyes and bold pink or coral lips.

Apply the Right Amount of Foundation

Your foundation is the base of your signature makeup look. While the color matters, so does the amount that you apply. Many people use too much foundation.

Unless you have problem skin, you can probably get away with using just five dots: one on each cheek, another on your forehead, one on your neck, and another one your chin.

Blend these dots with a foundation brush or beauty blender to create a flawless, natural look.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, freckly skin, or blemishes you want to cover, add a little more foundation.

Find the Right Eye Makeup

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so it’s important that you frame them right. Eye makeup is such a key part of any signature makeup look, so consider how you’ll apply yours carefully.

Consider colors first, remembering your ideal palette.

The style also matters. Smoky eyes are sultry while winged tips have a playful retro vibe. Consider the image you want to project when choosing your preferred eye makeup style.

Style and color matter, but so does quality.

Choose a reputable brand like Amway, and you can feel confident your eye makeup will be long-lasting and kind to your skin.

If you are going for the dramatic eye makeup look, consider wearing falsies.

When choosing eyelash falsies or extensions, besides considering the length, volume, and curls your eye shape and the quality of the lashes can make a huge difference.

Upturned eyes, for example, are quite a common eye shape and 3D flared lashes with extra volume can be perfect for this shape.

Check the best lashes for upturned eyes to better recognize the difference in length and volume.

Work Out What Feels Good for You

Most importantly, your signature makeup look should work for you. It should make you feel beautiful. If bold lips make you feel uncomfortable, try something subtler.

If you love how smoky eyeshadow make your peepers pop, make it your signature.

Think about your best features and how you can enhance them to find the right elements of your signature makeup look.

Make sure to consider the amount of time you have available. If creating your signature makeup look feels like a chore, you’ll never stick to it.

Busy moms and high-flying career women might choose a more pared-back signature look than young singles, for example.

Make Small Variations Now and Again

A signature makeup look doesn’t need to be set in stone. Make small variations, like choosing a new lipstick in keeping with your preferred palette and using a new eye makeup technique.

This can help keep your look fresh.

Keep an eye on trusted beauty sources like the Amway Connections blog to learn about the latest tips and products from Amway that you can incorporate into your signature makeup look.

There is only one you on this planet, so why spend your time trying to look like someone else?

Instead of following the trends, make your mark with your own signature makeup look.

What is your signature look?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I am SOOOOO BAD at doing make up. I just don’t have patience. And I also don’t want to sit in front of a mirror for more than 10 minutes fussing with painting my face. That being said, YOU look bomb!!! <3

  2. I like the idea of choosing what looks best on me and then making little changes to keep my style updated. thanks for the inspiration.

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