10 Most Important Summer Maintenance Tasks for Landlords

A beautiful white couch with a basket with yarning needles and yarn. This picture depicts the inside of an apartment. This article covers the most important summer maintenance tasks for landlords.

10 Most Important Summer Maintenance Tasks for Landlords

With summer rolling out, it’s time to grab your shades, sunscreen, and seasonal rental checklist. Being a landlord is a year-round job, requiring occasional sprucing to ensure your property stays in shape.

After all, the last thing you want is a tenant suing you for poor maintenance.

Do you wonder how to keep your apartments running? Or the best things to tackle to maintain your investment’s prime condition?

Stick around; this article covers landlords’ 10 most important summer maintenance tasks. 

10 Important Maintenance Tasks

  1. Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Test your detectors to ensure they’re installed and functioning correctly. With temperatures rising, fires are easier to start and harder to stop.

Thus, to avoid fire damage, you should ensure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Replace old batteries where necessary, and consider upgrading to a better model if yours is outdated. 

  1. Double Check the Locks

Check your locks to ensure they meet the minimum safety requirements in your state. For many tenants, security is a significant priority, and they would rather pay more to live on a secure property.

Invest in better locks if you need to, and don’t forget to check the windows.

Summer would be the perfect time to replace faulty or broken frames so you can keep all that cold air in the house. 

  1. Maintain the HVAC system

Schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system. The last thing you want in the middle of a hot day is to get a call from your tenant complaining about faulty air-conditioning. Save your renters and yourself that unfortunate ordeal by getting ahead of the problem. 

  1. Check the Water Heater

By scheduling a standard drain, ensure your water heater is also in tip-top condition. This process helps remove sediments that can block the system and damage your appliance.

Instead of spending a small fortune to buy a new one, proper maintenance can help you keep the hot water running. 

  1. Examine Other Appliances

Check on other appliances in your rental besides your water heater and air conditioner. For instance, if you have an available washer, dryer, or dishwasher, summer would be a great time to get them serviced.

If you’re too busy to examine every appliance, outsource the job to a professional. Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia can ensure your rental is ready to lease.

  1. Repair Leaks 

Scrutinize your house for signs of leaks and water damage. Following the melting snow and heavy spring rainfalls, you might encounter issues with the building’s structure or mold.

If left unchecked, these problems can build up and require costly repairs down the line.

Thus, if you spot leaky pipes or mold growth during your examination, you should attend to it immediately.

  1. Clear the Gutters

Clean your gutters to make your property look nicer and prevent structural issues. Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris tend to clog your channels and avoid water flow.

However, beyond looking unappealing, it can also have graver consequences.

If water settles on your roof for too long, it can weaken the structure and cause a leak. Further, it can seep through your walls, damaging the painting and messing with your electrical system.

It would be much easier and cost-effective to clear the gutters. 

  1. Work on the Landscaping 

Work on your landscaping if you want your property to stand out this summer. Curb appeal is essential, particularly in summer when you might have prospective tenants looking to move houses.

Create an excellent first impression by paying attention to your home’s exterior.

Prune the trees back, mow the lawn, add some mulch, and plant a few summer flowers.

  1. Eliminate Pests

Rid your house of harmful insects and rodents that could cause property damage and be detrimental to tenants’ health.

Sometimes, pests might burrow into your home during the winter to escape the cold and become more active with warmer weather.

If you have an infestation problem, it would be best to contact an expert exterminator. Block all entryways, and avoid leaving your trash cans open. 

  1. Clean Common Areas

Clean the common areas in your rental like the stairwells, deck, or pool. These areas tend to get overlooked by everyone and can accumulate dust over time.

Cleaning these areas can prevent your property from looking worn down and old. 

Importance of Preventive and Seasonal Maintenance in a Rental Property

  1. It Reduces Unexpected Costs

No one enjoys having to spend money on last-minute repairs or replacements. Avoid such surprises by servicing your systems before they break down, and it’ll save you a lot of money.

  1. It Lowers Your Energy Bills

When your appliances run efficiently, they consume less electricity and thus lower your energy bills. Also, replacing broken windows prevents cold air from going out, keeping the room cooler and saving you money. 

  1. It Maintains Your Home’s Resale Value

Finally, keeping your house together makes it attractive indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the fewer structural problems you have to deal with, the more money your home can make on the market. 


 While summer is a time to relax and enjoy the sun, it’s also the perfect time to prevent actions in your rental property.

These 10 most important summer maintenance tasks for landlords should help keep your property’s luster.

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If you need help completing this list, you should consider hiring a professional property management company that ensures your apartments run smoothly.

Can you think of any other summer maintenance tasks for landlords?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A beautiful white couch with a basket with yarning needles and yarn. This picture depicts the inside of an apartment. This article covers the most important summer maintenance tasks for landlords.

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