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7 Bedroom Essentials for Optimal Sleep

A woman sleeps in a bright room. This article covers 7 bedroom essentials for optimal sleep.

7 Bedroom Essentials for Optimal Sleep

Sleeping is not meant to be a hassle, but rather a simple hop in bed, and you’re set to sleep. In reality, we sometimes struggle to get the much-needed sleep.

It could be office stress, your busy schedule, or your bedroom is unfavorable to get a good night’s rest.

You can make a few essential corrections to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sleep and dream oasis without going overboard with gadgets and sleeping apps.

Here are seven essentials you can introduce in your bedroom to help you optimize your sleep and get the rest you deserve.

1. Ensure Your Bed Is Comfortable

There is nothing more important in the bedroom than a conducive sleep bed and a comfortable mattress.

The kind of bed you sleep in can be the difference between peaceful doze and tossing and turning. If you can’t fall asleep in your bed, or you keep waking up in the middle of the night to change positions, or you wake up with backaches and niggles, you may need to consider replacing the bed.

You can opt for a top choice adjustable bed with an adjustable frame or a standard bed coupled with a hybrid, innerspring, or full foam mattress.

Investing in your bed is an excellent start to your sleep oasis.

2. The Perfect Pillow

Though it may sound a bit silly that a small item like a pillow contributes immensely to your sleep, how comfortable your head lays on the pillow determines the quality of your sleep.

The perfect pillow helps improve your body’s sleeping posture. Keeps your spine correctly aligned, promoting a night of peaceful sleep, and waking up with no aches and pains.

A few factors to consider when getting the right pillow, from size, weight, fillings, fabric, and the quality it is made.

Keeping your pads fresh is essential. Not only from a hygiene perspective, but keeping your pillow in good shape and quality is critical. It should be replaced every one to two years. 

3. Lighting Adjustments

Consider introducing artificial lighting to your advantage in preparation for sleep. Imagine if we didn’t have any light when the sun sets. Our brains would go into sleep mode earlier than they should.

However, keeping bright lights on till very late at night interferes with your natural Circadian rhythms, like being on your phone or laptop right before shutting your eyes is a good example.

Your body is tricked into believing that you’re more awake than you are. This can affect the way you sleep tremendously.

The best way to use light to your advantage is slowly dimming the lights one hour before shutting your eyes. This promotes a calm brain shut down, sending sleep time clues to the rest of your body.

4. Invest in Blackout Curtains

Provided you live in the street with no streetlights, blackout curtains won’t be effective on you.

However, living in the city means plenty of bright street lights and possibly shadow reflections through your window—all of which causes sleep distraction.

Block out the extra rays keeping you awake at night with blackout curtains. Sleep like a baby again because these curtains will turn your room into a dark womb-like sleep oasis

5. White Noise Machine

Outside noise is another unwanted effect and keeps you up all night long. Living in a noisy area or sleeping next to a snoring partner means you can’t control the noise.

Although, you can control how it affects your sleep.

Invest in a white noise machine to help you sleep like a baby. It is also effective in a quiet home to improve your sleep quality.

6. Plug A Fan

Many people consider a fan just as effective as a noise machine. The sound blocks out ambient noises, subsequently helping you sleep better.

For many people, a fan is merely a tool to cool them while they sleep during the hot summer evenings.

Too hot or too cold. Either way, temperature affects how you sleep. Depending on your temperature preference, you may need to find a way to adjust it.

Most people prefer a cool room to sleep in, and a fan is the most economical and easy way to keep a room cool.

7. Consider a Heavy Blanket

Apart from keeping you warm during cold nights; a heavy blanket helps many keep and hold their sleep throughout the night.

A heavy blanket serves the same purpose as swaddling does to a sleeping baby. It can help calm your nerves and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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Hopefully, these tips can help you get a better night’s sleep. I know that for me, I need to have a fan going. It keeps me cool and it helps with white noise.

Do you have any tips for bedroom essentials for optimal sleep?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A woman sleeps in a bright room. This article covers 7 bedroom essentials for optimal sleep.

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