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The Baby Cargo 200 Series Stroller and Georgi Bag: Smooth Travels with The Right Equipment! Enter to Win of Your Own! ARV of $205!


Baby Cargo.

Building your baby’s dream spaces.

I don’t know about you but, something that is really important to me is having quality products for my kids. Ones that I can trust and that I can wholeheartedly say “works” for my lifestyle.

Baby Cargo is one of the best strollers that I have owned simply because it is the perfect size, it has great features, it’s affordable and oh so stylish.

About Baby Cargo:

In Baby Cargo, we’ve managed to combine our true loves (design and baby making — uh, parenting) to design smart and fashionable parenting gear that helps babies’ first dreams to come true. After long walks with babies and families everywhere, we think we have it: make an umbrella stroller that is as stylish and comfortable as it is affordable.


Baby Cargo 200 Series.

We had the absolute pleasure to review a Baby Cargo 200 Series Stroller in Ocean/Stone and a totally fabulous Georgi Bag in Chile/Tangerine. The stroller retails for $149.00 which is worth every penny and if you think about it, it is quite affordable.

As you can see, my littlest is still little enough to appreciate a great stroller and when we travel away from home, we want a stroller that is lightweight, durable, reliable and stylish. This is not like any other umbrella stroller that I have ever owned.


Quality. Style and Comfort.

The stroller is vibrant in color and the material is durable on the outside and where your little on is nestled, it’s cottony soft. This stroller is made to be used from Birth and Up and up until 50 pounds.

Mimi still has a loooong way to go to reach that maximum but, she is big enough to fall in love with her stroller. She was asking to go into her stroller from the moment she saw the box. It came mostly assembled and we brought it with us to our small vacation at Kalahari. Not once did I have a problem getting her into the 200 Series, she climbed in herself.



What I loved about the stroller was how easy it was to break down and unfold to use again. It also has this awesome handle for easy carrying when the stroller is folded.

My Hubby loved this because it wasn’t awkward to carry once he had folded the stroller and it has a strap that once folded, you can throw over your shoulder and carry the stroller when it’s not in use. The stroller also has a strong cup holder that can hold cans and your little one’s bottles or sippy cup.

More Features:
  • Ultra-lightweight black matte aluminum frame—sleek and rust free.
  • Soft sophisticated textiles, easy to clean.
  • Tailored designed back pocket with heavy zippers and a decorative brass Baby Cargo name plate, chic and practical for moms.
  • Super compact, easy to fold, perfect for vacations or trips to the shopping mall.
  • A multi-position adjustable backrest and adjustable leg rest.
  • Rain cover.


Get Moving Baby!

What we loved the most was at how solid to the ground it is, the handles were super easy to use and navigate with, the adjustable canopy and the adjustable backrest that was perfect for when Mimi was sleepy and passed out into dreamland.

It was easy to tilt her back and she napped peacefully. The wheels can be locked to go straight or you can let them move freely and it’s an option that I prefer. It is easier to maneuver and the brakes are reliable when on an incline.


Yes, that’s me with my new Georgi Stroller Bag.

I got many a compliments at the resort when I had this around my shoulder. It’s a beautiful vibrant color and a trendy purse that triples as a diaper bag, purse and attaches to the stroller perfectly. The strap itself can be adjusted and shortened simply by snapping folding the strap and using the snap button to hold it in place. Not only is this a brilliant way to do this, it’s stylish!


Organization At It’s Finest.

With your ingenious Georgi bag on handle, your bottles are stowed, your hands are free, and your “put together” style quotient just went up. Brass details like grommets that slide smartly over your umbrella stroller handles and stylishly zippered seams lend heft and style, at once. But what transforms Georgi from fashion item to stroller bag “must” is versatility: beautiful lightweight fabric, a sturdy shoulder strap that snaps to your full-service stroller bar, and a wealth of pockets mean everything stays neatly in place.


Georgi Bag Organization.

I was able to stock this baby nicely with a full package of wipes, two stacks of diapers, 3 outfits, bags, my wallet and cellphone. After all of that, I still had plenty of room for more.  This bag retails for $49+ and it’s a beaut of a bag!

One of the coolest features is the invisible pockets that are on both sides of the bag, so if you need to carry a bottle or sippy cup, you simply unzip it and you’re good to go. When you don’t need to carry a bottle you zip it zip it up and it returns looking like a trendy bag!

  • Beautiful lightweight fabric, brass details & stylishly zippered seams.
  • Universal Handle Hooks.
  • Brass grommet rings for umbrella strollers.
  • Attachment snaps for strollers with one handle.
  • Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 2-side bottle pockets.
  • 7 interior pockets. (1 lipstick, 1 wallet, 1 phone, 1 sunglass, 2 diaper pockets and 1 changing pad pocket)
  • 5 exterior pockets. (2 side bottle pockets, 1 zippered center front pocket, 2 front pockets)
  • Zip closure to secure items.
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Time to Win!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Cargo has offered to give away one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader with a 200 Series Stroller and Georgi Bag which an ARV of $200! This giveaway starts June 03, 2013 and ends June 19th, 2013. Open to US/CAN!

Have you ever heard of Baby Cargo Series 200 Stroller and what color would you most like?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I’d love ocean/stone! This is perfect for our Caribbean resort vacation with our toddler! First time travelling with him so this should get interesting! Lol every finger x’d for this!!

  2. My favourite features are the carrying handle and strap. I'm so tired of wrestling with my old stroller! Why don't all strollers have this?

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