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Tips for New Moms During Cold Season

Tips for New Moms During Cold Season!

This post is sponsored by hydraSense®. To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

Tips for New Moms During Cold Season!

Every mom has experienced being a new mom. You know, the first time you have a baby and you’re left to figuring everything out for the first time. As a veteran mom, I don’t want to do that to new moms. I think it’s essential that they know everything that we do, including tips to help them survive during cold season.

As many of you know, I am a mother of two girls, Gabby and Mimi. Since there is no handbook to parenting and all the ups and downs that it brings, I’ve learned along the way. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve done things right and I’ve learned many things through trial and error. Just like you, I imagine. One thing is for sure, you are not alone! If you’re here for some tips to help your little one survive their first cold, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry mama (or papa), you got this!

Keep a survival kit on hand

When it comes to dealing with a sick baby for the first time, your nerves can get the best of you. I love to keep a little survival bag on hand. A few things for baby and a few things for mom. Some of the items I keep on hand are tissues, an extra blanket, hydraSense, diaper wipes, zinc oxide, and extra diapers. I like to keep some lip balm and hand sanitizer for myself. When you don’t have to get up to grab something while dealing with a sick baby, it’s a good day.

A humidifier works wonders

My family seems to always get sick in the winter time, which is why I always have a humidifier running. In fact, we have a humidifier specifically for winter. For some reason, the air gets dryer and our noses get stuffed up. A humidifier can help keep those noses clear and running smoothly. Make sure that you invest in a quality humidifier so that its output is sufficient. 

Drink lots of liquids

When you or your baby are sick, liquids work wonders. It’s important to drink as many liquids as you can as this helps to keep you from getting dehydrated. Plus, liquids help to thin out mucus and in turn, can help you to breathe easier. When we’re sick, we’re not always thinking quickly but, it’s good to keep in mind. Ensure your baby is drinking lots of breastmilk or formula. You don’t have to overfeed them, but it’s a good thing to keep track of how much they’re eating, digesting, and eliminating.

Keep hydraSense on hand

There are a few things in life that I won’t ever forget and one of those things is when my girls had their first colds. Especially Gabby, my first. She was a tiny, little baby and seeing her get stuffed up, fussy, and struggle to nurse was heartbreaking. The more her little nose would drip, the more worried I became because I knew that it would start to turn thick and cause even more discomfort. Being a new mom, and even now, I say that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I made an appointment with her pediatrician and was told that since it was viral, rest and fluids would do her good and we’d have to wait it out. Even if time and rest helps a cold, as a parent, we want to provide relief too.

When your child is under 2 and cannot blow their nose, there just has to be a solution that provides relief, right? Well, hydraSense is a solution to help clear your baby’s nasal passages. It can help to clear out mucus and reduce and relieve nasal congestion.

You may be wondering what hydraSense is. As a mom, I can tell you that it is a product that every new mom should have on hand. Especially during cold season. When your baby has a cold, hydraSense Baby Nasal Care can be a true sanity saver. At least it was for me with Mimi. When she would get stuffy, I would make sure to use hydraSense to help give her some relief. It is gentle and effective, and it gave me peace of mind. You can use hydraSense anywhere from 4-6 times a day to help with your baby’s nose being blocked.

You Have Options!

There are three formulas from hydraSense available!

  • Ultra-Gentle Mist: Simple and effective for daily use
  • Easydose Vials: Individual, portable and ready-to-use
  • Nasal Aspirator: Fast and gentle relief of nasal congestion

The Ultra-Gentle Mist comes with a comfort tip specially designed for use in the nostrils of young babies. Try this product if your baby is having trouble breathing because of dry or obstructed nasal passages due to a cold or nasal congestion.

The Easydose Vials are perfect if you’re travelling and your little one has a stuffy nose. If you’re travelling with baby for the first time, check out my tips to help you! Especially if you think your baby has a cold coming on.

The Nasal Aspirator is the MVP of the nasal relief game. It’s developed with pediatricians and an effective and gentle way to clear tiny congested noses.

Get lots of rest

Finally, I never forget doctor’s orders and I highly recommend that you don’t forget to get a lot of rest. That goes for you and your baby. You may not be the one sick, but taking care of a sick little one is exhausting. Whenever your baby is sleeping, make sure you’re at least sitting down. I know the distraction of the house can be a bit much, especially when you finally have time to clean. Trust me; take this time to rest, so you can be there to care for your baby when he/she needs you most.

Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will win and try out hydraSense product. This giveaway is open to Canada only. It opens on February 1, 2018 and ends on February 10, 2018.

Prize Pack Includes:
  • A hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit
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For first time moms, knowing how to deal with a sick baby is important. Visit hydrasense.ca for more information.

Hopefully, these tips can get you through a rough night and help you provide your little one with some relief.

How did you survive baby’s first cold?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




This post is sponsored by hydraSense®. To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.



Tips for New Moms During Cold Season!

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  1. It is so hard when the little ones get sick. Hydrasense sounds like something for parents to definitely keep on hand.

  2. It is never fun to have a sick child and the younger they are the more difficult partly because of the communication factor. I never had a nasal aspirator when my kids were young but I wish I had sometimes.

  3. Hydrasense sounds like a great tool for keeping our babies healthy and happy. I’d much rather keep their little sinuses feeling good than have to treat them and use one of those stupid bulb things like I used to have to do.

  4. I remember having to use the sucker things on the kids. I always felt horrible when they were sick as babies and there wasn’t a whole lot we could do.

  5. Hydrosense is the only product I used with my kids. It was so comforting to know I was using a natural product and it worked so well!!

  6. I think these are all great tips. I was always very careful when I was a new mom. It’s so important to keep your newborn away from all those germs.

  7. When I first had my daughter I washed my hands sooo much! I would not touch her without washing them or sanitizing.

  8. There is nothing more miserable than a baby with a cold, except for maybe the parents of the baby! These are great tips for new parents deal with this situation in the best way possible.

  9. These are great tips. I pray every winter that my kids don’t get sick. So far we are doing ok…hopefully we can continue staying healthy.

  10. Great suggestions! This has been a really bad year for illness, which is especially hard on babies. I feel like I am constantly washing my hands!

  11. The first winter for the baby is always tough. Especially when babies catch a cold, their discomfort is heart-rending. Poor things cannot express themselves too. Hydrasense seems to be a good option to give them some relief.

  12. New mom or not I think these HydraSense treatments are a great idea for everyone! I need to try these for myself, my nose has been so super dry!!

  13. It’s tough having little ones during cold season. My first baby was a spring baby and second was a winter baby. It’s always tough to see our kids get sick. I haven’t heard of HydraSense, but it sounds like a great line of products to have on hand.

  14. Sounds like an awesome product! I don’t think there was anything like this when my youngest was a baby. I wish there was.

  15. What great tips and such a cute photo! I will definitely have to give hydrasense a try. I think they would be great for my grandson.

  16. I really wish I would have had hydraSense nasal care for my kids when they were babies. Having their breathing impaired from stuffy noses was so frightening.

  17. I remember both of my babies were born in the midst of cold season and it scared me! This sounds like a must have for new moms!

  18. I remember when the littles were sick, before I invested in a Humidifier… We would sit in the bathroom and run the shower as hot as we could to cause some steam. That always helped so much

  19. Babies are so sensitive. They need care for so many things. Winter must be awful for parents! These tips will be very helpful!

  20. As an experienced mother of three I can totally understand your point of view. I admire moms like you. These tips are so awesome and detailed! I’ll be showing these to my cousin who is expecting TWINS!

  21. Wow some amazing tips on tackling cold season. After my terrible bout of bronchitis two years ago, I have two humidifiers to clean the air and add a few drops of essential oils.

  22. These look like some incredible products. Keeping the little ones from catching a cold or flu can be so hard!

  23. Colds always seem to hit our house hard no matter what we do. I always try to have things on hand for my gbaby though to make sure that she stays healthy. This all looks great!

  24. PERFECT TIMING! My little guy woke up with a cold two days ago and I’m totally going to try these out! It sucks seeing them sick so its refreshing there are nice products out like those above!

  25. I remember when my daughter had a difficult time blowing her nose. It was so hard to see her like that and not be able to clear her sinuses. I wish I had seen a product like this when we were going through those times.

  26. I have a 2year old and going through the same!
    Keeping them hydrated definitely helps, a lot!!
    I also like the mustard garlic oil as home remedy..that’s a very useful post, thanks for sharing!

  27. my nephew has 2 little ones that seem to always have a cold, stuffy little heads and miserable. I think this product would help relieve the little ones symptoms and help them get better more quickly

  28. We have Hydrasense Easy Dose – we love it but would like to try the Nasal Aspirator and the Daily Care – Ultra Gentle Mist.

  29. we are big fans of HydraSense and boy did the Nasal Care ever come in handy when both of my girls were younger. we have used a few of their products but that one was the most useful when they were babies. Now the spray is our go to. this prize pack would really come in handy as i am expecting number 3 and it has been a few years since being in the baby stage

  30. We love Hydrasense. Their little snot sucker is amazing and it definitely helped when our youngest was sick and everything seem to be so scary to use.

  31. This is a kind of gross but funny moment from when my oldest (who is 18 now) was a baby. He had a cold and was so stuffy and had lots of green/yellow mucus in his nose. One day while I was breastfeeding him he sneezed, covering my chest, chin and mouth in mucus and milk. My husband couldn’t help but laugh, having witnessed it, so my son started laughing too and then we were all laughing as I sat there covered in snot.

  32. My son has chronic nasal congestion and the doctor’s all recommend the hydrasense nasal spray!!! it really helps 🙂

  33. I remember my daughters first cold, it was really challenging for both if us. I wish we had of heard about Hydrasense then.

  34. If I won this it would go to my son who’s had problems since forever!!!! We already use the product so having more in stock is helpful

  35. Hydrasense has been a big help many times in relieving the nasal congestion that my kids suffer with when they are sick with colds. I always have it on hand.

  36. it is always wonderful and helpful hearing about different tips to try to help little ones and yourself cope when they are under the weather.

  37. My friend was just telling me the other day she don’t know what they would have done without hydraSense last month when her grandson got his first cold at just 6 months!

  38. My son and husband would find big beneftits of using HydraSense. They both have nasal issues and this might being some relief for them in the colder weather.

  39. Our first baby cold was terrifying. For all the reading and preparing I tried to do before she got here we were still unprepared for that one!! We had nothing on hand and it really hit hard how little we could do for her. We hit the pharmacy just before they closed at midnight and picked up a bottle of the Ultra-Gentle Mist and a box of coryzallia. The gentle mist made such a big difference and helped her sleep better. We have had 5 baby colds so far in my daughters very short life (7 months) and they deffinitely don’t get any easier, but at least we are better prepared. Even though it really is a gentle mist and it doesn’t bother her at all I’m still a little nervous to do it so I get hubby to do it whenever he’s home. We usually spray, wait a few minutes, spray again and then suck whatever we can out with a bulb.

  40. I hate having a sick child and this winter has been terrible with a blizzard one day and raining the next you just don’t know how to dress.

  41. The Ultra-Gentle Mist sounds like it would be helpful in clearing my little ones’ congestion when they have colds.

  42. when my oldest had a nasty pneumonia. he was admitted in hospital in a isolation. he had stopped breathing at one point and scared the heck out of me. i don’t think i slept for almost a week.

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