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Oliver’s Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Oliver’s Labels.

If you haven’t already, meet Gabriella, my little fashionista. She’s 6 years old and loves clothes, boots, books, toys- you name it. How in the world can I keep track of them all?

The great Canadian company, Oliver’s Labels were kind enough to send me some awesome labels that claim to be dishwasher and laundry safe to try out.

Dishwasher and laundry safe is what reeled me in.

Now, just like the originating story of this Toronto company, Debbie, the owner of Oliver’s Labels’ nephew was always losing his things, (just like Gabriella, my 6 year-old who tends to “forget” things occasionally) came up with a system to create and design customizable labels to label almost anything and if the articles were ever lost, a system to track them.

So thankfully to little Oliver, Debbie created these labels that will not fade, scuff or peel. That if lost could be found. With tons of designs to choose from, I chose a fashionable design for my fashionable little girl. I set out to test these out to the fullest.

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

So what do they look like?

There were many label designs to choose from, I chose the Rococo design. When I received the labels, I immediately adored the design and the brilliant colors. They are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and just visually you can tell that they are very durable. I received the Original Labels, Mini Labels, Shoe Labels and Stick-eez Clothing Labels.

Having a six-year-old, well, I had a lot of things to label. I labeled her notebooks with the mini and original labels and then I went all out and started labeling a few of her favorite things. They were easy to peel and as I peeled the labels off, they were very thick and flexible. They were easy to stick on to the items and left no bubbles or creases.

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

I started out labeling her pea coat, mittens and boots. I’ve had issues with Gabriella even losing shoes when they’re not labelled, simply because all the little Grade 1’s take things home that “look” the same.  The shoe labels have a right and left foot for each shoe. They’re shaped into a foot and they’re tres cute.

What Makes Them Extra Special?

Now one of the greatest features that Oliver’s Labels provides is their tracking system. You can request that they add a Found-It code to your labels just in the case your items are ever lost.

How does this work?

Well, the labels are connected to the email address that you provide to Oliver’s Labels, whoever finds the item will be prompted to go to the website and enter a 9-digit code. Oliver’s Labels will then send you a notification email to inform you that your lost item has been found!


This is what a sample label would look like and what the person would enter:

I then labeled a few of Gabriella’s favorite things and something that she uses everyday, her backpack! Especially because sometimes 10 kids can have the same style backpack. I also threw one on her favorite teddy bear that she takes everywhere, in case she somehow leaves Buttercup behind somewhere.

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Oliver's Labels are Making My Life Easier!

Label Frenzy!

I also labelled a few articles of clothing that I know that are her favorite and that I know that at some point in the day, she tends to rip right off. So, in case she were to misplace them, they have her name and tracking number! 

So, I am very pleased with how the labels looked and how trendy and cute they are. Gabriella loved the color schemes and design and so did I. But, the true test as a mom is their durability for everyday wear and tear.

How did they hold up?

Since I received the labels, I’ve washed the pea coat and articles of clothing that I labelled, Gabriella has used her boots almost daily and her coat on a daily basis. I even washed Buttercup’s clothes and guess what?

The labels are still brand new. They went through the washer and dryer and have been chafed due to everyday use and they are remarkably unscathed. They look exactly the same as the day that I put them on.

And to me that’s a total score!

I would highly recommend these labels to any mom or dad or anyone who has littles in their lives, trust me, their parents will thank you for them! They are very useful, reliable, durable and to top it off they are trendy and stylish. With many styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Also, apart from making just the labels I received, they make large and mini bag tags, iron-on clothing labels,  kosher labels and photo labels. I also really, really love the fact that Oliver’s Labels offers a tracking system because nowadays, any good Samaritan can just send notification through their smartphones. These labels are great for kids but there are also some designs that I want to use for myself too!

If you like what you see and would like some of your own, visit Oliver’s Labels and start designing and customizing! Their products range from $4.99-$19.99.

Do you guys find your kids losing things or have even caught yourself misplacing things? I know I can be bad for this, how about you?

Let me know what you think, til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Wow those are really cool! We've always used Mabel's Labels but they don't have the 'if found' feature. Good to know. I will have to try these ones out next time we are due for an order!

    1. There's a few things that I really like about the labels. First, they're Canadian. Second, the find-it feature. Third- I put them through the washer/dryer and they're immaculate! They're quite affordable as well, I need to update w/ the prices!

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