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Trip to Toronto: Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Tips for Travelling with a Baby.

Tips for Travelling with A Baby!

Forgive me for my absence but, I have been on holiday!

We decided to pack up our family, aunts, uncles and grandparents alike and make it a family vacation. Mimi had the most bags of all and I’m glad I packed heavy because I never lacked a single thing the entire trip. We set off very early, that way both Gabriella & Michaela could sleep for the majority of the trip up. This was my view of the gorgeous sun beginning to rise, I was just reading and it took my breath away. I had to snap a picture, actually I took  a lot of pictures so I decided to share a few of them in my post!

It’s nice to get away. 

We decided to make our usual trip to the metropolis of Canada and take our parents to all of Toronto’s attractions. We decided to start at the Toronto Zoo and the day couldn’t have been better. The weather was perfect and Michaela loved it. She was in her Baby Bjorn and she didn’t fuss at all. She is such a curious little Bean. I just lathered up the kiddos & the Hubby with some sunscreen and off we went. Gabby of course adored it and the fam always likes seeing the exotic animals.

Michaela took about 2 naps during the day at the zoo and the rest of the time she was in her Baby Bjorn taking in all the sights. It was beautiful to be in nature. I sat with her on some rocks in the shade and literally just breathed in the fresh air and watched the trees sway and the chipmunks play. They are SO small but cute! If you do plan on going to the Zoo be prepared to change baby outside, it’s hard to find washrooms. Hehe.

When we had enough of the animals we headed to our hotel, which was absolutely gorgeous and modern (The Sheraton is totally worth the $$$) and we got ready for dinner. We then ate to our heart’s delight at Mandarin’s while Mimi contentedly napped. If you haven’t been to Mandarin’s, you should. It’s buffet style and it has something for everyone. Chinese & American food. It was delish, it’s always a must when we visit TO. A bit on the pricey side but, it’s worth the $23.99. But if you’re anything like my Hubby, you will get your money’s worth in the seafood alone. They have tons of shrimp, sushi & crab legs. Quality food and EXCELLENT service, they got a hefty tip from all of us. They treat you like royalty, least at the location we went to they did.

We returned to the hotel, relaxed for a while and went for a swim in the pool. It was Michaela’s first swim and she LOVED it! She did not shed one single tear, in fact she was kicking and splashing around! Gabs played in the shallow end and we all just had a good time. Mimi went back to the room with her g-ma and I relaxed with Hubby in the hot tub. It was absolutely divine.

The next day we went to the Royal Ontario Museum and explored the entire museum, my parents loved it. The traveling exhibit at the ROM this year was the Chinese Emperor and the Terracotta Soldiers. Pretty uber awesome if you ask me! We spent quite a lot of time here and learned a lot about history and animals.

After lunch we headed to Casa Loma. Toronto’s own modern-day castle. Last time I went it was winter so I didn’t get to see the gardens. Boy, they were absolutely breathtaking. The whole atmosphere there is and I could only imagine what it would have been like to live there. I love older houses for their attention to detail. The house cost about 3.5 million dollars to build and Sir Pallat went bankrupt building it. Imagine that much money in his day would probably equal 50 mil now. Nuts. I think Casa was my favorite attraction. Hubby & I will definitely be returning.

The next day was action packed and we started off with a delicious breakfast at Denny’s. We then went to take in some knowledge at the Ontario Science Centre which is always so much fun. It’s Gabriella’s favorite and I don’t blame her! There are so many things to do and see for kids her age, then again, I had TONS of fun too!

Of course we had to make a stop at Pacific Mall, for shoes, purses, clothes and jewellery. Yessir. We went did some shopping at Wal-Mart and then had some dinner and then went to eat some glorious gelato. We ALWAYS have to have gelato when we go to TO. It’s a must! LOL.

We ended the trip with a day at the CNE and I dropped some major cash there for my girls and myself. LOL. 😛 I heart shopping but who doesn’t? And I was on holiday, so I’m allowed! Hehehe! I ended up with 4 AWESOME cuffs, some were fancy/girly and some are totally rock star. They are pretty awesome. I also bought a purse and a pair of cute gladiator sandals they just don’t have here in Windsor. That was just for myself. The girls got tons of clothes!

Last stop was the CN Tower and Mimi did so well! She loved the view and she was so astonished and excited about it all. To me, I am always amazed at how small we really are in this world. I love the CN Tower at night, the city just pulses with life and it’s breathtaking. Before we left, of course I had to walk on the glass floor, it’s always a thrill.

The best part of it all is not only getting away but it didn’t feel stressful at all. Michaela was regimented, she nursed and was changed regularly and didn’t bother at all in between. Clean bum + no diapey rash = Happy Baby! Oh and most definitely a happy mom!

I brought my pump but never used it at all, I nursed all over Toronto! Even at the CN Tower! I got a few stares here and there but other than that I’m happy to report that I was able to continue breastfeeding without a hitch.

I came back revitalized and refreshed and wishing I didn’t have to come back! The only bad thing about travelling is most definitely the unpacking. The bags are by the door, mocking me. Still. Below you will find tips to help you travel with baby, if you’re traveling with baby for the first time–I have more tips for you too! 

Tips to Travel with Baby!
  • Travel during your baby’s normal sleeping hours. Make sure during pit stops you are taking baby out and massaging those tiny little bones. Long trips can do a number on tiny bodies.
  • Bring a book for yourself to keep busy during quiet times.
  • Pack lots of toys for when baby is awake in the car to keep her/him busy.
  • Pack heavy, pack extra diapers, ointment, toiletries, blankets, PJ’s, onesies, socks, bibs and outfits.  Don’t forget a sun hat! You can never predict the weather, I’m glad I brought extra long-sleeved onesies & pants because it was cooler than anticipated.  I also packed a spring jacket which she did use!  Pack a first aid kit and any medications you or baby will need. As well as a baby kit with thermometer etc.
  • Sun-screen. This is self-explanatory. The recommended age is 6 months and up. Mimi is 5 months and she did just fine with it and did not experience a reaction nor sunburns. Shade is your best friend!
  • Don’t forget a tub. Being outside or even indoors for a full day calls for baby getting sweaty and she/he would appreciate a warm refreshing bath while on holiday. I know Mimi did and it didn’t break her everyday routine.
  • I packed a diaper bag for me & an over the shoulder bag for Hubby with supplies while we were out & about so if I ever needed more supplies, Hubby had it. Not to mention, I always had two changing pads for those not so cleanly washrooms.
  • Don’t forget hand sanitizer! It is your friend and so are wipes for any spill/spit up or for older children to wipe down.
  • Lastly, anticipate and KNOW that everything will take longer with a baby. Nurse your baby while everyone you’re traveling with is taking a break or in the car before you leave or when you get to each destination. Change your baby when you get inside, that way baby is fed, clean & ready to be stimulated by new sights and sounds. Remember, NEVER take your baby out to nurse while the car is moving, not only is it ILLEGAL it is most definitely NOT safe. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

That’s kinda the whole point huh? And that’s the jist of it, get at me if you would like more tips (since I only mentioned a few) if it’s your first time traveling with an infant or leave me some that I may have left out , I’d love to hear from all you veteran mommies out there!

How do you travel with a baby?

Let me know, til then, cheers!


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  1. Your trip sounds absolutely decadent. The Sheraton…wow…I think I'd have to give 3 of my four kids as payment to stay there, but it would be worth it!
    Pictures were terrific, I love getting all close and personal with my blogger friends. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. LOL, it was great. It's been a very long time since the WHOLE family went for a vacation so we went all out. I always go camera crazy, the ones I posted were my faves of each of the locations. I think I posted like 150 family ones on my FB hehe!

    And to be quite honest, my favorite part of traveling is staying at the hotel. I'd be happy just staying at the hotel, lounging in the pool, taking a dip in the hot tub, ordering room service and ocassionally going out to go SHOPPING.

    That's MY perfect vaca. Preferably at a sandy, clear water destination. 😉

    BUT… I guess we gotta go out & see all the historic & attraction mumbo jumbo huh? LOL. 😛 Thanks for coming by, how are you m'dere?

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