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Top Water Parks in Australia’s East Coast! #travel

Top Water Parks in Australia’s East Coast! #travel

Top Water Parks in Australia’s East Coast! 

The summer ain’t over yet, and everyone is thinking of different ways to cool down. Thankfully, Australia’s East Coast is full of water parks which are all fun and adventure-filled. If you want to treat your kids and have lots of fun with them, then water parks are definitely the way to go. All you need is some floaters, your bathing suits, and you and your family can all enjoy the water soon! 

Visit some of these water parks and trust us, you and the kids would not be disappointed. 

WhiteWater World 

This water park is equipped with advanced technology, making the waves and splashes bigger and more fun. It is also environmentally friendly as they try to limit their water usage as much as they can. Have your kids learn the art of surfing by enrolling them in WhiteWater World’s surf school. You can even join them, as the school isn’t just for kids (anyone from the age 6-60 can enroll)! Your little ones will surely enjoy playing at the Pipeline Plunge as well, as this one is a huge tree fort playground. Water plus a playground is the perfect combination for just any child out there. For the parents and older children, the Temple of Huey is totally recommended. It has a combination of open and closed high-speed drops, with fast and slow sections. The twists and turns on three different slides will have you screaming for more! However, if you want the ultimate thrill, then definitely go for The Wedgie – just be prepared to drop five stories down and splash in the pool! There are a lot more rides at WhiteWater World: the Super Tubes Hydrocoaster, Wiggle Bay, The Little Rippers, Triple Vortex, The Green Room, The Bro, and The Rip.

Jamberoo Action Park 

Jamberoo has more thrilling rides than WhiteWater World. There are, of course, some rides that you and the whole family could enjoy, too. The Perfect Storm, a ride that opened just recently, literally feels like you’re caught in a storm when you’re inside it. Dark thunderclouds form and swirl all around, while tornados twist and a twister form. Get ready for the last part, as complete darkness will engulf the place, while the floater bobs you up and down, back and forth inside the vortex. If you want to enjoy the holiday with your kids, then head on to the Outback Bay. It is one of New South Wales’ largest wave pools and is just like the beach. You can just swim in the water or learn how to surf! You can also grab your mat and head to the Surf Hill, where you and your kids can race through an 18m drop slide. Other rides and attractions include the Funnel Web, Banjo’s Billabong, The Taipan, Bobsled, Rapid River, The Rock, Splash Out, Billabong Beach, Chairlift, Landscape Golf, and a lot more of the kids’ rides. 

Wet N’ Wild Water Park 

Wet N’ Wild is truly a water park for the whole family. They have thrilling rides for the adults, and miniature or junior rides for the kids. The Wet N’ Wild junior lets your kids who are 10 years old and under experience the fun. With kid-friendly water slides and miniature versions of the Tornado and Aqua Racers, your kids will surely enjoy this one. You can also float around Calypso Beach or enjoy the waves at the Giant Wave Pool. For thrill-seeking adults, the Blackhole is the perfect ride for you.The twists and turns will pump the blood back in your veins, and the total darkness will reveal the ones who are scared of the dark. Go ahead and make your way to the Kamikaze and Mach 5 for a thrilling water slide adventure: the Kamikaze is a U-shaped slide that is almost vertical, while the Mach 5 is a 200-metre water slide. 

Start making memories with your family by visiting some of these awesome waterparks today.  

If you don’t own a vehicle or are coming from the airport, a car hire in Gold Coast is readily available if ever your family want to visit WhiteWater World or Wet N’ Wild. Jamberoo is two hours away from Sydney so you may also consider hiring a vehicle to make the trip more convenient for the whole family.

Happy swimming and sliding! 

Do you enjoy waterparks?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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