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Be Entertained with the Game Rooms at Champions Gate & Relax at the Champions Gate Oasis Clubhouse–NOW OPEN! #globalresorts

Game Rooms at Champions Gate. During our stay at 1464 Moon Valley Dr. we made the most of the game room and it was absolutely spectacular. A high-end pool table, foosball and air hockey table. Can you say absolutely amazing? The game rooms are a perfect addition to the whole vacation home experience. When you […]

Your Ticket to Fun: Try KGStickets.com for All of Your Florida Attractions Tickets! We Enjoyed a Day at SeaWorld Orlando! #kgstickets

KGStickets.com! Your ticket to fun. Well, we absolutely love Florida and I think within this last year we have traveled there 4 times. That goes to say, each time we have gone, we wanted to explore something new. If you know Florida and the Kissimmee area, you know that there is a flurry of things […]

Global Resort Homes: Windsor Hills is Perfect for Groups and Family Reunions! #globalresorts

Welcome to Global Resort Homes at Windsor Hills! So, if you’ve been following along the last two days, you’ve seen the common living areas and my Master Suite at 2512 Archfeld Blvd. and how gorgeous and comfortable it was staying in this beautiful gated community at Windsor Hills. Now, I’m going to tell you why […]

My Master Suite in Windsor Hills: Luxury, Comfort and Privacy! #globalresorts

Comfort in Windsor Hills! As many of you know, we spent the second week of January in Kissimmee, Florida–in a Global Resort Home! 2512 Archfeld Blvd. in Windsor Hills was magnificent, you already had a small tour through a bit of the house and the common living areas where you spend most of your time […]

Our Stay with Global Resort Homes at Windsor Hills: A Gorgeous Home Away From Home. #globalresorts

Global Resort Homes at Windsor Hills Are Amazing! In the beginning of the year and earlier this month, we stayed in Kissimmee, Florida and we spent an entire week in a Global Resort Home. Our home for the week was 2512 Archfeld Blvd. and let me tell you, it is absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous. Hubby […]

Global Resort Homes: We’re Headed to Florida & We Are Staying in Style! #GlobalResortHomes

Love Vacationing in Florida? We sure do! This year, we are headed to sunny Florida and we are super excited to share that we are staying in the lap of luxury at a Global Resort Home in Orlando. If you’ve never heard of Global Resort Homes, please do pay close to attention because once you […]