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Global Resort Homes: Windsor Hills is Perfect for Groups and Family Reunions! #globalresorts

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Welcome to Global Resort Homes at Windsor Hills!

So, if you’ve been following along the last two days, you’ve seen the common living areas and my Master Suite at 2512 Archfeld Blvd. and how gorgeous and comfortable it was staying in this beautiful gated community at Windsor Hills.

Now, I’m going to tell you why this property and many more like it in this resort and the other 300 properties that Global Resort Homes manages, are PERFECT for groups and family reunions!

My family of 8 stayed here, as well as my Aunt and my cousin which is a family of 3. We all slept super comfortably and had plenty of space to call our own for the week.

With 2 king bedrooms, 2 queen bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pool and spa, game room and more–you are sure to love this house as much as we did.


Let’s Take a Walk-Through!


Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills


Here’s another quick view of the living room, kitchen, breakfast nook and dining rooms. As I mentioned before, when these spaces are taken, you are able to take it out doors and sit in the  outdoor deck table. But, since this house sleeps 12 comfortably, you can bet that there’s a surplus of space–even at capacity!

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Appliances and Storage.

The house has a full kitchen, with an electric stove, large microwave, toaster, blender, dishwasher, double door fridge and even a garbage disposal. You have the comfort and ease of being in a “home” where you can cook meals, keep food nice and cold and best of all, SAVE MONEY!

On our first day in Kissimmee, we headed to Wal-Mart and Target and stocked up for the week. We all split the bill and in essence, had great savings amongst the entire group. That way, we all got what we wanted and we all shared–it worked!

The garbage and recycling was picked up for you, all you had to was put in the appropriate bin. How is that for easy?

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Main Floor Boarding with Perks!

This is the only room that is on the main floor, my sister took this room for the week and she had a bathroom directly outside of her room. This is the only bathroom that is on the first floor and is accessible to everyone in the house. My sister especially liked that she was on the main floor and had access to the bathroom and the leather recliners and large flat screen right outside of her room.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Shared But Comfortable Dwelling.

Head on up stairs and you will find the other 5 rooms. This is the room my brother chose, it was located up stairs and had a gorgeous bathroom next door. He chose this room because of the accessibility to the shared washroom right next door.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills


His room of course had it’s own TV and plenty of drawer and closet space. This room is perfect for someone who wants to sleep solo or doesn’t mind sharing a room. He loved that for most of his stay he didn’t have to share the bathroom much and that it was very private.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

This is the second twin room that sleeps two. My Aunt and my little cousin slept in here, they were content with the space and the TV in the room. I love the decor and color choices in both twin rooms. If you’re travelling in a group, these two twin rooms are perfect for kids and teens.


Fit For the King and Queen.

This is the one of the king bedroom and where my dear parents stayed for the week. It had an Ensuite bathroom with a shower. They enjoyed sleeping in the large comfortable King Size bed and having the privacy and ease of a private bathroom. These King bedrooms make it perfect for couples where they can rest easy by having their children upstairs, sleeping together.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

This is the second King room and my gorgeous cousin and her awesome Hubby slept in this room. While their little girl slept in one of the twin rooms with her Grandma. They also had the shared bathroom upstairs at their disposal. Which also has a sink for Him and Her, a private bathroom with a door and a shower.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Wash and Dry–Anytime!

This is one of the most amazing features that you can have while you travel, especially in a large group and most especially with children. Kids can go through outfits like nothing, up to 5 times a day sometimes. This washer and dryer was a god send and we put this to use all week.

Since we went to the parks and had come back from a week at the parks with NO washer or dryer, we were so happy to have this.

Not to mention, we washed the towels as we went since there was a group of us and this is the kicker guys–we packed ALL clean clothes before we left. Which makes for the easiest unpacking after vacationing. So, no ridiculous prices per items washed, just simply wash, dry and go!


Gloomy Day?


Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Rain or Shine?

No problem, this house has a dart board, full-size pool table, full-size foosball table and a ping pong table!  Let me tell you, every single person that walked into the game room (which is adjoined through the laundry room)  let out a HUGE gasp.

The kids, my cousins and my brother and Hubby had tournaments and tons of fun in the game room on the gloomy days and even after a busy day to unwind. You would also find them in there past  their bed times and getting a game in while waiting to head out for the day.

I myself, let out a huge and excited gasp when I discovered that this property provided a small umbrella stroller! This saved me cash at the parks and I didn’t have to get a rental when I went back to Disney during our stay at Global.

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills VIP!

Now, I know that you have a killer pool in your very own back yard and a super cool game room in the house but, if you’re looking for even more to do within the resort. Look no further, Windsor Hills Clubhouse holds a large lagoon style public pool, if you still want that resort feel –you got it!

Global Resort Homes Windsor Hills

What’s More?

You will find a children’s playground, state-of-the-art fitness center, sand volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, 40-seat movie theatre, video arcade and billiards. All at your disposal and I have mentioned in previous posts, they also offer shuttle service to local attractions and parks. There are also small play grounds all around the resort and neighborhoods.

My experience with Global Home Resorts was amazing and the same can be said for my family that enjoyed this clean, spacious and gorgeous resort and of course, 2512 Archfeld Blvd. If you have never stayed off property and have never considered it, the above reasons are good ones as to why you should give it a try.

You save money, you stay in luxury, you have a clean, spacious and comfortable place to call home for the length of your stay.

I want to be completely up front and honest and there’s really nothing that I could say needed improvement or that I didn’t like. Global Resort Homes was at your disposal if you had any questions or needed help. The only thing I would have wished I had seen earlier in the information Global provided was a BBQ but, that was my oversight!

So, this house is great for kids, couples and large groups! Rain or shine, there’s always something to do when you stay here. For more information about 2512 Archfeld Blvd. and to see more properties, please visit them here.

Would you consider staying at a Global Resort Homes or Windsor Hills property?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: Whispered Inspirations received 7 days accommodation in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please refer to Whispered Inspirations terms, here.

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  2. Wow such a well written post, you are quite the photographer too 🙂 … If I ever decide to head to Florida this would be a great option .

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