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3 Sites for Cheap Healthy Food: Get Healthy and Don’t Break the Bank! #health


3 Sites for Cheap Healthy Food.
Nerd Up the Nutrition and Lower the Cost.

Want to learn how to reduce the cost of what you eat? Saving money on what you consume is one way to tighten your budget and still enjoy awesome food. These sites will help you find quality food that is cheap but still healthy.

One of the first sites to checkout is about educating yourself about food and food costs. The Nerd Fitness blog about the Paleo Diet is a spot-on topic about healthy foods and saving money on food costs. The key points to take in from the Paleo Diet is not that this is a diet, but it is rather a way of life. Eating simpler foods helps build a nutritious diet, and those foods are often less expensive. This blog offers you a crash course in identifying simpler foods. You can choose to follow the diet or not. The gold mine of information here is all about food choice. 

Positive Food Choices that Don’t Break the Bank.

Keeping in step with the lessons from the Paleo Diet, SoreyFitness.com offers an outstanding article on cheap healthy foods. College students tend to have tight budgets. These lessons can easily transfer from the campus dorm room into your post-graduate life.

Expect tips on how use basic foods to create hearty, healthy dishes that are inexpensive. A resounding point throughout most of these sites is that “cheap” does not have to mean unhealthy. Choosing foods that are lower on the food pyramid help you to eat higher quality foods, boost your health, and save you money. Plus, these are all foods that are crock pot friendly, which means saving time, time that you can use to work on your therapist degree.

Cheap Healthy Food Choices.

The best cuts of meat can soar past $15 a pound. The budget-breaking cost of eating well does not have to be a reality. Eatingwell.com offers an article on the Best Cheap Cuts of Meat and includes tips on how to find and enjoy the cheaper side of healthy eating. The keys is being budget minded while you shop for healthy food choices.

For meat eaters, chicken thighs or drumsticks are one option. They are often 50 percent less per pound than chicken breast is. You can also try adding more fish to your diet. Cod and tilapia are often cheaper per pound than most other sources of meat. Lentils, dry beans, and grains, like brown rice, are healthy food choices that are also cheap. 

Eating well does not mean you have to spend a fortune on food. Balanced meals do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Building nutritious meals might take some practice, but it’s very doable. One of the first things you will notice is that by eating cheaper, healthier foods is that you will be moving away from packaged products. An excellent tip is to grow your own produce for those of you who have space is grow a small container garden. Those free and healthy greens that you grow help to stretch your grocery dollar a long way. 

I’m looking at ways to get back to healthy living and I also don’t want to break the bank doing it but,  when there’s a will–there’s a way! 

How do you eat healthy at home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. With the rising food costs it is really important to watch how you are spending your money on groceries. This time of year we eat lots of root veggies because they tend to be cheaper. I also make a lot of soup & stews because you can stretch the meat further.

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