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7 Habits For a Happy Life


7 Habits For a Happy Life.

It’s easy to let life get away from you. You find yourself feeling out of control and without the time to fix it. Really, it’s not that hard; carve out some time and employ these 7 habits for a happy life:

  1. Exercise for YOU. We all know that exercise is good for us, but you don’t have to look to the fit-bunnies and be envious; find a form of exercise that works for YOU. Just get out there and get moving – you’ll find that the mental benefits actually outweigh the physical benefits and you’ll be feeling great in no time.
  2. Cultivate deep friendships. Friendship not only makes you feel connected and ensures you’re always having a good time, studies have shown that deep friendships also improve cognitive health and longevity. So, you out for that glass of wine with your friend – it’s actually good for you!
  3. Give back to the community. You can choose to volunteer in a number of ways; locally, nationally, or internationally. Whether spending time at your childrens school, volunteering at the nearest food bank, or taking some of your holiday time to help build a school in a developing country, the time and energy you put in will be returned ten-fold in the good feelings that come your way.
  4. Get enough sleep. Sleep is restorative, and curative; your body replenishes itself while you’re slumbering both physically and mentally. It doesn’t have to be the traditional 8 hours at night – if you can manage well on less then don’t stress it – if you can fit in an afternoon siesta it’s probably even better. Prepare a calming night-time ritual and relax your way to a restful sleep that will make you feel better, and more alert, the following day.
  5. Eat with health in mind. Your diet can affect more than just your physical body; it can also affect your mental health. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water just makes you feel better all over. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in your favorites, just eat a mostly balanced diet so that those indulgences are treats that you will really enjoy.
  6. Enjoy your family. Time, it seems, is fleeting; take the time to enjoy your family at every stage. Don’t be wistful for time gone by or with it to be over already – enjoy every moment as it occurs while understanding that it is these memories that will hold you steady in later years.
  7. Take time for yourself. These days we’re all stretched so thin with family, and work, and social obligations – make sure to take time out just for yourself. Whether it be an early morning yoga class, a stop for coffee on the way home from work, or a late-night TV session with your favorite indulgent show – you’re worth it and should take the time.
What do you do for yourself?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. For the past few weeks I have been having problems sleeping,last night I went to bed at 11pm and woke today at 11;30 I feel so good

  2. Great tips and good ideas for New Year's resolutions. Taking care of yourself along with doing for others makes such a difference in life..

  3. I'm glad I came across this post again. It's a good reminder of things I need to remember to do. I find it so easy to get caught up in getting my To-Do list done, that I forget about these important things. Maybe I need to make them permanent items on my To-Do list, so I see them every day.

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