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5 Wellness Boosting Exercises You Should Try

Woman stands at a hillside and does yoga, she strikes a pose. One of the wellness boosting exercises.

Wellness Boosting Exercises You should try

We can define wellness generally, as being in good health, especially as a pursued goal. To boost our wellness, we need to practice activities of self-care for the mind and body both.

Exercising is a great way to ensure high levels of both physical health and mental health. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some wellness boosting exercises that you might not have given a go yet!


Exercises that involve being on the water can help us to achieve a calm temperament and relax our bodies. Paddleboarding is not only great fun, but it also improves your core strength and uses all your muscles at once. This type of paddleboarding is referred to as SUP,  meaning ‘stand-up paddleboarding.’ Standing and paddling across the water like this really helps to improve your coordination and balance. It is also a nice challenge because it’s not as easy as one might imagine!


Volleyball is such a fun exercise activity to get the endorphins going! You’ll benefit from Volleyball by burning lots of calories and also by strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Volleyball will also improve your muscles and joints. You don’t necessarily have to live close to the beach to play. Why not see if there are any volleyball courts or teams in your local area.

If not, you could always start a team yourself and then really have some fun getting some custom uniforms made! Sites like Cisco Athletic are well worth a look if this is what you need.


If you haven’t tried yoga yet, you’ll want to get to your nearest studio. Grab a mat and try some in your living room! Yoga is terrific for an array of things from core strength to toning and flexibility.

Yoga is also excellent to improve our posture and can even aid any injuries we may have when used in the right way.

For the mind, yoga can allow us to practice mindfulness through breathing techniques. It is also linked to meditation, which helps us to focus on the present moment and find positive energy.


Rowing is another exercise activity that can benefit our minds. Just by being out on the calming waters and connecting with nature. For our bodies, rowing is an excellent form of cardio which tones and increases our strength too.

If you can find a local rowing club,  you’ll be practicing something that will boost your self-care and also help you to meet new people.

Get Active

Trying new things can aid our confidence and personal development as well as allow us to obtain new skills. Many people try a new hobby and quickly turn it into a passion or even career.

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Above all, whatever form of exercising that you are doing, you should always ensure that you are adequately stretched and warmed up. That way, you can avoid injuring yourself. Don’t forget to drink lots of water so that you do not overheat and become unwell.

What are some fun wellness boosting exercises you’ve tried?

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We can define wellness generally, as being in good health, especially as a pursued goal. Here are 5 wellness boosting exercises you may not have tried! #tips #wellnesstips

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