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7 Smart Things to Do Before You Move

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Smart Things to Do Before You Move

Moving is a stressful period that almost everyone faces in their lives. The best way to avoid all relocation-related anxiety is being organized. It’s also good to take your time and most importantly, find professional moving services.

Sherman Oaks Movers can help you maximize your valuable time and they know what they are doing.

But, before they arrive, here are 5 smart things to do before you make the big move!

Make a To-Do List

Start with drafting a to-do list by jotting down everything you will need and all the required steps to achieve your moving goals. The purpose of the list will help you to use your time more effectively. Plus, it eliminates the chance of forgetting the slightest but, important details.

Hire Movers

Sometimes to keep your sanity, you need a little help. The process is much easier if you hire reliable movers.

Try getting rid of all useless belongings by donating old bulky furniture and selling out old clothes.

During the packing process, you can slowly start to clean your old house as you go. Don’t forget to notify your utilities and other state services regarding your upcoming move and new address.

Have them set-up a service switch so that you will be ready to just move-in come your moving date.

In case you decided to pack without the help of a professional, make sure to label all the boxes describing their content. Pack room by room so that you don’t mix up all the items.

Make sure you have enough packing materials and supplies. Boxes and cartons of various sizes can be found in local businesses or grocery stores, packing/wrapping paper, duct tape, mattress bags and more.

Don’t move your closet

Ask your movers to see if they offer wardrobe boxes. If they do, request a couple and on the day of your move, all they will do is transfer your closet, handles and all to your new house. Super easy!

It is a must to pack all important documents together and keep them in a bright case close to you. Pack a box for each person in your home and label them with each person’s name. The box should contain everything they will need for the first few nights at in the new house. Outfits, toiletries and anything personal they need right away.

How Do You Identify Reliable Movers?

Choosing a reliable and suitable moving service can save you from headaches and inconveniences. Luckily, there are various ways of determining the company’s credibility.

One can often wonder how to even begin the search for a moving service? First of all, it is worth asking your friends, neighbours, and colleagues for recommendations. Pos

itive referrals from someone you trust are definitely worth your attention.

Another useful tip is to go online and visit specialized websites where people share their own moving experience. Reading reviews can be incredibly helpful when it comes to moving services.

Also, contact a local real estate agent (or the one you used) to see which moving services they recommend.

Since they sell houses for a living, they have many connections and can direct you in the right direction.

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It is also important making a shortlist of companies you may find suitable. Choose a service that matches your requirements and ask a representative to give you an estimate.

Beware of services that require large pre-payments as this could be another sign of a scam. Other suspicious details to pay attention to is the absence of information regarding registration or licensing.

Also if they have no local address, and a very low-budget or suspicious looking company website.

Thorough background research will ensure a positive moving experience in the long run.

I always say it’s better to be safe than being sorry!

Do you have any tips?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I hate moving! My only tip is to get it done quickly. The last time we moved, we had possession of both homes for an overlapping month so we took our sweet time and it felt like a never ending saga that was going to go on forever.

  2. great post! First thing we did before our big move was a big purge of all items not used, unwanted.

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