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Top 7 Motorhome Destinations in the UK for 2020

A young, hip, couple lean against their vintage motorhome.

Top 7 Motorhome Destinations in the UK for 2020

Traveling is very much in these days. People are more curious about the world and eager to see the natural and urban wonders with their own eyes.

The popularity of traveling in a motorhome is on the rise as well.

It is not a surprise, as motorhomes are the most comfortable means of holiday transportation. They give you the most freedom in the way you spend your vacations.

The United Kingdom is a motorhome-friendly place.

You can find a lot of perfect destinations and motorhomes to rent or buy that you can check over here.

Once you have your vehicle ready for a trip, it is time to decide where to go.

Here are Britain’s top motorhome destinations for 2020.

Snowdonia National Park

We are starting our adventure in North Wales, which is home to Snowdonia National Park.

When you are looking for natural beauty and stunning scenery, this is definitely a place you should visit soon.

There are many caravan parks around the area of the National Park. You will find your place no matter if you are looking for peace or a vibrant community to interact with.

Mount Snowdon nearby is the main tourist attraction here, so spending some time on hiking is a fantastic idea.

Visiting the wooded countryside and fishing in Lake Padarn are just some of the activities you can choose during your stay in North Wales.


A mix of beautiful coastlines, lovely shopping locations, and vibrant fishing villages is what Devon is all about.

It is a motorhome destination that will welcome you any time of the year.

The south of the UK offers stunning scenery, clean beaches, and charming coastal towns. It is a secure area to reach traveling by a motorhome and is highly family-friendly.

The Lake District

Lakes are magnets when it comes to tourism, we all love to swim in cool waters during the summer.

Not to mention how many sports and other activities lakes can provide, just by being nearby.

When it comes to lake destinations in the United Kingdom, there is no place better than the Lake District.

The location recommended for motorhomes here is the Shepherds View camping site.

It is a lovely spot for cyclists and walks lovers, with trails available in every corner of the district.

Another advantage of the Lake District is lots of wildlife to see nearby on Hallsenna Moor.

West Cornwall

Cornwall is definitely the place to be for all motorhome trip enthusiasts. It is the ultimate British adventure.

Why you may ask?

The wild coast has attracted tourists and artists for centuries. It is Cornwall’s most significant selling point.

The best camping site in Cornwall seems to be the Polmanter Touring Park which is designed to be a welcoming place for families.

The campsite is also located within walking distance from the picturesque fishing port of St Ives.

Visit the world-famous West Cornwall Peninsula, and you won’t regret it.


Kent is considered the garden of England, which makes it one of the most attractive motorhome destinations across the United Kingdom.

Plan a tour around the countryside, and see villages immersed in history. The fantastic coastal towns of Hastings and Margate are excellent.

Visit Canterbury and find the imposing cathedral or see the war tunnels from World War 2.

Don’t forget about the white cliffs of Dover.

There are just so many activities here, so make sure you have some extra time to do it all.

The Peak District

The ultimate destination for pet owners, as there are many motorhome parks in the Peak District that are pet-friendly.

This is a relaxing getaway in the UK for families with excellent walking locations.

See the caverns or enjoy lunch in the many little pubs on the moors. The beautiful Derbyshire Dales are perfect for a holiday getaway.

The Antrim Coast

Back again in North Ireland, as it is really an excellent motorhome destination. Families should enjoy their stay at the Causeway Coast Holiday Park. It is close to the seaside town of Ballycastle.

This particular motorhome destination is in the area of Ballycastle Bay and the cliffs of Fairhead and Rathlin Island.

Can you imagine how magnificent the views are?

Explore the wild North Atlantic Ocean and dramatic cliffs as well as the Giant’s Causeway all in one place.

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Once you are there, make sure to ask the locals about the legend of Finn McCool, the Irish giant.

Traveling in a motorhome is comfortable and adventurous. You can go anywhere and do anything you want without any itineraries, deadlines, or other people distracting you.

Plus, now you have a good idea of what the best motorhome destinations are in the UK.

It is the modern way of spending holidays, and the United Kingdom is a highly attractive place to choose for your motorhome vacation.

All that is left to say is, see you there!

Did I miss any motorhome destinations in the UK?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A young, hip, couple lean against their vintage motorhome. A banner reads, "Top 7 Motorhome Destinations in the UK."

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