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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Vacation Accommodation

A major part of ensuring your trip is amazing is to pick a hotel that fits all your needs. Here are tips for choosing the best vacation accommodation. #travel #traveltips

Choosing The Best Vacation Accommodation

When you are planning a vacation, you want it to be perfect from start to finish. A major part of ensuring your trip is amazing is to pick a vacation accommodation that fits all your needs. This can be a very overwhelming choice to make! There is so much to consider from price to location to all the amenities each place may offer…where to begin?! If you are struggling to choose the best vacation accommodation, these tips will definitely help you pick the best place possible.


Location is possibly the most important aspect of every vacation. Isn’t that why you are traveling anyway, to visit an amazing new location? So the accommodation you choose should also be amazing. You should look for a place that is centrally located to all of the sites and activities you will be pursuing while on your vacation. This way, you never have to spend too much time traveling to destinations, you will already be close by!

Make sure the area you are staying in is safe. You don’t want to feel insecure or nervous when you lay your head down every night. Check safety ratings and reviews of neighborhoods near the hotel or rental you choose if to be extra cautious. You will be glad you took this step when you are nice and relaxed in your room.

Price and Quality

Vacations can be expensive and while you may want to splurge on the fanciest accommodations, you should definitely stick to your budget. Decide what you can afford and then look at hotels and rentals within this price range. Try to get the most for your money and pick a location that has lots of positive online reviews. A hotel that has been rated five out of five stars by travelers means that it will most likely meet or exceed your needs. Avoid any hotel with low ratings.

Actually reading through reviews written by previous tourists will give you deep insight to each accommodation. A person may rate a hotel one star just because they had a specific bad experience and therefore, their review could be discarded. Essentially, look for what you need and the highest quality that you can afford.

Traveling Party

When booking a vacation accommodation, think about who you are traveling with. If you are vacationing with your family and small children, pick a hotel that will cater to them. A pool, a playground or even a child care center are a few amenities that may interest you.

If you are traveling with your significant other, a more romantic option may be what you pursue. Does the hotel say it has great views of the sunset? Are there lots of fine dining restaurants nearby? This may be ideal for you!

Consider All Options

Traveling used to mean looking exclusively at commercial hotels, motels, and resorts. Now, there are many options when it comes to lodging. There are many websites where people can list their luxury apartments or private homes for rent and these may be better options for your vacation. A non-commercial location will certainly have more character than a hotel and may also have luxuries that a hotel doesn’t (maybe you can bring your pet or have multiple bathrooms). Think outside of the box when it comes to lodging options.

Hidden Expenses

Before booking that accommodations think about any hidden charges that may not be clearly outlined in the upfront cost. Things like city taxes, charges to use the internet, shuttle service fees all are things that may be added on to your bill later on. Ask each specific lodging place you consider if they have any additional charges you should be aware of. You’ll be happy you did in the end!

Choosing a vacation accommodation can be so much fun if you take away the stress. Consider these five points when you are planning your next trip and you are sure to end up with an accommodation that you love and one that checks all your boxes. We definitely know what we like when it comes to hotels, and they always have to check all the boxes!

Then, sit back, relax and enjoy your trip!

How do you choose where you stay?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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