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DIY Joy to The World Ornament

A DIY Joy to the World Ornament

Joy to the World Ornament

One of the best parts of the holidays is decorating the tree. While I love having a stylish tree that represents our taste, I love having ornaments that remind me of where we’ve been, how we’ve grown, and what we hope for in the year ahead.

So we have the store-bought ornaments but, alongside them, we have homemade ones and handmade ones from our travels.

I decided to create a PRINTABLE for this modern ornament that represents my sentiment for the entire world. It’s a favorite holiday mantra and I think everyone deserves to be joyful. Made with just a few things from the craft store, HP photo paper, and an HP printer.

Supplies needed for DIY Joy to the World Ornament.

Things You Will Need:

  • Clear Glass Ornaments
  • HP Printer
  • HP Photo Paper
  • Scissors
  • 1 piece of HP Paper
  • Stapler
  • Ornament Flakes
  • Tweezers
  • Thin Ribbons to Hang

Close up to the Joy to the World ornament.

Pick a Color

I made this cute and simple PRINTABLE in a teal, it is our color of choice for our decor and tree. But, I made it in Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red and Green and of course, TEAL for you guys!

You can use a more neutral color, like silver for the ornament flakes or match the color with the heart. Either way, you know that it will turn out great, and now you got options!

The first thing is first, pick your color.

You’ll need 4 x 6 in. HP photo paper, set up your printer settings to print on this size of photo paper. Adjust the printer arms and load the photo paper. Print off the color that you want and use the scissors to cut it out.

Filling the DIY Joy to the World ornament.

Funnel It

Don’t have a funnel? No worries! Use a piece of HP paper to make a makeshift funnel. All you need to do is hold the paper horizontally and bring bottom corners to the center until the paper becomes a cone.

Staple both sides together and there you have it, a quick funnel if you don’t have one handy! A girl’s gotta do, what she’s gotta do, right?

Ornament filled with shiny tinsel.

Fill ‘Er Up

With the funnel, I filled the ornaments about 1/4 of the way. By doing this, you can see the color but, it doesn’t cover up the writing in the front. You can add more later but, I will tell you more about that in a bit. Softly shake them side to side to level them out.

Roll up the printable Joy to the World ornament design.

Roll and Insert

Now all you need to do is take the ornament printable, roll it up as tight as you can and insert it into the ornament. It should come unrolled and then you can adjust it with the tweezers.

Just be very careful as the ornament is very fragile and you don’t want to poke a hole in the printable.

Use your finger to gently press it towards the front of the ornament. Now you can add more ornament flakes to the back to make it look fuller and more colorful.

Add the ribbon onto the top of the ornament and tie the prettiest bow you can!

DIY Joy to the World ornament added to the tree.

Share It with The World

Voila! Now you have a Joy to the World ornament to add to the tree. Hang it on your tree or you can gift it to someone special. It is perfect for an ornament exchange or gift for a friend or family member.

I love how it looks on the tree and it really catches the eye. It’s a great reminder to be joyful because after all, ’tis the season!

A custom photo ornament with Mimi's picture.

A personalized ornament with Gabby and Lincoln.

Make Memories

We love seeing the girls grow and each year we try to get something personalized to put on the tree. Whether it is something they make or one with a picture of them.

I used the same concept and picked a picture of them of this year, made it black and white, and into a circle. I used the same process and out came these pretty picture ornaments.

DIY Christmas ornaments, Joy to the World ornament and personalized ones.

Never Run Out

The holidays are a great time to get creative and use things you already have in your house. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift like Hot Chocolate for Two or if you are in a pinch and need to print out greeting cards or Christmas cards.

With an HP Instant Ink subscription, you’ll never have the issue of running out of ink while you are tackling a project or the inconvenience of having to run out to the store to get more.

Joy to the World DIY ornament, final product.

How Does It Work?

Your printer will let HP know when you’re running out of ink and then HP will send ink cartridges right to your door. So forget running out to get more, it’ll be there when you need it.

Make sure you head over to HP Instant Ink to get more information or to sign up for a subscription, that way you will never run out of ink and have it when you need it!

Will you make this DIY joy to the world ornament?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.

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  1. This is a great Joy To The World ornament. I have one tree that has all the ornaments we've collected in our travels and all the ones that the kids made at school. It's my favorite tree because of all the memories and smiles it evokes.

  2. I love the picture ornaments! We actually have a whole pile of snap together clear ornaments that I need to do something with. I think I'm gonna print some photos of the kids and make them some keepsake ornaments like that.

  3. Very pretty and fun that you made it. I love that teal color for Christmas decor. It is so nice.
    My recent post VELVET FOR CHRISTMAS

  4. Oh wow…at first glance, I did not know that was a printable inside of the ornament. I seriously thought that it was something commercial. That looks good! Love the way the ornaments came out.
    My recent post Collectible Dolls Alert: Global Girl Dolls Celebrates Worldwide Cultures

  5. What a brilliant idea! Never thought of making personalized ornaments via my comp. Babushka will now go to past pics and make one for each year of the Grands. What a wonderful gift for everyone!! For me to relive those moments and put a little grandma love in each one, and for The Trio who will love the ornaments. Gonna pin this one right now!!

  6. I have a whole bunch of these ornaments i bought last year after the holidays for just pennies each thanks for the neat idea,maybe the kids can personalize some for their friends

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