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Everyday I’m reminded that parenthood is no easy task.

As well as everyday I learn something new. We are given the responsibility to raise little people and aside from the work it takes to get them here, raising them is a feat in itself.

It starts when you begin to plan to bring a new life to this world. I remember taking prenatals before trying to conceive, just to have peace of mind that they would be able to abstain from the chance of contracting or developing any disease while in utero.

Then from the second you know you are expecting them, you begin to do everything possible to nourish them so they can grow as best they can within your womb. I avoided tons of foods I loved just for their benefit, like most of us do.These ones were hard but, I even cut out caffeine, limited aspartame and tried to eat as healthy as possible.

Before their arrival you get everything ready for them, prepare their room, have their clothes ready, stock up on supplies and baby proof the house.

Once they make their debut the journey continues to keep them safe, healthy and we guide them towards self-sufficiency. In the meantime, we count diapers to make sure they’re eating enough, change them frequently to avoid rash and concern ourselves with providing the best nutrition. Among many more things. I even chose to stay away from highly trafficked areas until they were immunized.


I know!

Well, not really but Mimi’s has yet to be sick and Gabs has rarely ever been sick either!

Germaphobe right here! *points to herself*


Parenthood is never easy. We are all in it together!

So once they are self-sufficient the journey then shifts to the task of guiding them to become productive, independent and successful members of society.

I’m in that stage now, so far I’m extremely happy with how Gabriella has turned out despite all odds. She is a beautiful and kind human being. Intelligent and caring. Talented. Well-mannered. I’m proud of who’s she become and I’m not the only one who can take credit for it. They say it takes an entire village to raise one child and I’m glad she has had enough support to be the little person she is.

I guess to me it’s kinda sad that she is growing up.

I know she’s only 6 years-old and even if I’m highly active in her life, it just seems that the years are just flying by. Kinda dreading when the years come when she may not want anything to do with me. I just know she’s a good kid and I have the confidence that she will be a great adult.

It’s just bittersweet. Time is fleeting.

I’m loving taking care of my little Jelly Bean, adoring seeing her grow each day. Being more vocal, always giving me that contagious gummy grin, being a roly-poly little worm and best of all looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

All after she’s super milk drunk and giving me said smirk. That just melts me and I still see that same look with Gabriella (minus the milk drunk, it’s more like chocolate now), my little Peanut, she gives me that look of appreciation when we do things together and when she’s so happy.

So, that is how I know that they’ll forever be my little babies. It’ll just change in expression as the years continue to pass.

At times it just chokes me up. I know, I am a huge suck! =P

Anyway, parenthood has its good days and its bad days but, in all honesty… This is the job I was meant to have. Where are you in the journey through parenthood? Any words of advice/encouragement you can offer a young mom? LOL.

Hope to hear from you guys!

Til then, cheers!


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  1. For me, parenting has been a tricky thing. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety so it's been hard. I can say that this illness has been hell, but at the same time it is worth it because I love my son and he is worth it. I am learning everyday how to be better for him. Somedays it's good. Somedays it's really really good. Then somedays it sucks. I think that we all have those sucky days…

    Great post…makes me want to run upstairs and snuggle with my baby…who's turning 2 in 2 weeks…YIKES time sure does fly 😉

  2. That must be really hard girl. Something that I have not been through myself. I'm glad that you've been able to fight it and win!

    For me, it's very, very, EXTREMELY bittersweet. It's hard to see them grow so quickly. It's just a reminder to enjoy them as much as we can, while we can!

    Cuz in a blink of an eye, they're grown. I blinked and my eldest is now 6! Though she's still my baby!

    LOL! 2? Bet you didn't even feel the time huh?

    BTW, my policy is never to go to bed without kissing them! Even if they're asleep! I'm a geek! 😛

  3. They do grow up so quickly! In a blink they have changed and grown in so many ways. You are a wonderful Mama! Thanks for joining us for FMIC! Have a fantastic day!

  4. Thank you so much, it's true. As cliche as it is, it does fly by! It seems like yesterday I gave birth to my first daughter. Now, she's helping me with my second.

    BTW, thanks for having me and for coming by! I love the idea of FMIC! 😀

  5. What a lovely post – you sound like me pre-pregnancy – busy taking my vitamins. I also timed when in my cycle it would be okay to drink alcohol and when not when we were TTC (ie: avoiding the weeks when I might be pregnant). I have to say – I don't miss pregnancy and nursing for all the food restrictions – but the results are more than worth it!

    Found you through FMIC!

  6. Why thank-you! Thanks for coming by! LOL, I'm STILL taking those vitamins!! Since I'm still nursing. I think I would have totally done the same thing with alcohol but, I haven't drank in over two years. Kinda lost the taste for it over the years. But, had I wanted to have a drink, I would have timed my cycle too!

    Those are huge sacrifices some moms, like us, choose to make. It's hard but totally worth it! I kinda do miss being preggo SOME days haha! But, it's much better having our L/O's here in the world with us.

    I'm heading your way!

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