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It’s World Breastfeeding Week 2010!

It's World Breastfeeding Week 2010!
It’s World Breastfeeding Week 2010!

In honor of  World Breastfeeding week 2010, I thought I would share some of the benefits of nursing your baby. I’m sure most of you already know but for those who don’t, here goes!

A Few Benefits of Breastfeeding:
  • Mother’s milk is tailor-made for baby, it contains 50% of their genetic material.
  • Mother’s milk’s composition changes as baby grows, meeting the needs within a feeding or per day, age etc.
  • Milk is FREE ladies! No need to warm up, sterilize any bottles and it has everything your baby needs. Including essential fatty acids. It also transfers your body’s antibodies to your baby, thus reducing illness.
  • Breast milk is easier to for babies to digest. Babies feed more often because of this and it is said their diapeys smell less. (I concur)
  • Did you know breast milk releases endorphins? This creates a relaxed feeling for both mom and baby.
  • Breastfeeding is said to help prevent Ovarian and Breast Cancer. As well as Osteoporosis.
  • Breastfed babies tend to have less colic and digestive problems. Meaning they cry less! (Yay!)
  • Mother’s milk has over 300 known components. It’s hypoallergenic and you can’t “make” it wrong!
  • Breastfeeding reduces the chance of acquiring ear infections in infants.
  • Oh and did I mention FREE and on-demand? In Canada, you can save up to $2000-$3000/year by BF’ing.

Now that we know a few reasons why breastfeeding is SUPER AWESOME in its make-up, let’s talk about why it’s not only super AWESOME for you spiritually and emotionally.

In my opinion, breastfeeding is one of the most sweetest, beautiful and connecting experiences that you could ever share with your baby. There is something about the skin to skin contact, the warmth and closeness you feel. And I’ve said it a gazillion times, that milk-drunk look that makes me melt. I just love seeing Mimi fully satisfied.

So, I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate but I don’t think it’s impossible to achieve the same connection bottle-feeding your baby. You can. But, I choose to breastfeed and am truly grateful I am able to do so. Some women, though with the intention and full desire to breastfeed, are sometimes hindered by unforeseen medical reasons which prevent them from nursing their babies. There are also women that choose to bottle-feed from the get-go and ladies, I got you. I respect that!

Well, I think World Breastfeeding Week as a mom should be about spreading awareness, about CHOICE and most importantly about social acceptance. Not to mention, breastfeeding has been  the way mothers have fed their children since the beginning of time. We are meant and made to nurse our babies.

That breastfeeding is by no means gross or dirty in any way and that women are allowed (not to mention, legally) to feed their children whenever or wherever she feels the need to. I’m not going to get into the “cover-up” or “don’t cover-up” issue. I don’t think a woman should ever have to be asked to stop or cover-up if she chooses not to.  I myself will cover up but, if by chance don’t have one handy and Mimi’s hungry, well, off she goes. In all honesty, I think we see more boobage in a catalog of Victoria Secret or in your latest music vid than what a BF’ing mom shows.

Forrealz ppl.

Anyway, I set up a page for Breastfeeding sources to help out new breastfeeding moms or even if you’re just curious about myths or just looking for more info. Make sure to take a look!

Til then, cheers m’loves!


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