3 Times When Your Adult Children Still Need You

A mother kisses her adult daughter on the forehead. This article goes through the times when your adult children still need you.

Times When Your Adult Children Still Need You

New parents often think that their job ends once their child reaches adulthood and leaves the family home.

In reality, you never stop being a parent.

There will always be times when your kids need you. Even though they will gain their independence and you have to let the reins go so they can learn from their own mistakes.

Don’t think that means they won’t be back to get your advice at some point.

Many parents are unprepared for this, and they don’t always know how to parent their adult children. These are some of the times when your adult children are likely to need your support.

Their First Breakup

Navigating relationships is difficult when you are young. Every parent has to go through ‘the talk’ with their teenagers.

This is to make sure that they are safe and responsible as they start to explore romantic relationships.

Many parents are unprepared to deal with their adult children’s first serious breakup. Teen relationships feel very serious at the time, but they soon get over the breakups.

However, when your adult child is in a serious relationship that ends and has to deal with the fallout from that, they will likely feel lost.

They’ll come to you for advice on what to do and maybe even for a place to live while they sort things out again.

They might need advice about the relationship itself before this too. Some parents find it tough to talk to their adult kids about the ins and outs of love.

You should be prepared to have this talk and make sure that you’re honest with them.

Buying Their First House

As well as emotional advice, your kids will come to you for practical advice about things like buying a house.

It’s a big shock when you first try to buy a house and realize how many hoops there are to jump through.

If you want to find your perfect home, you have to pick the right real estate agent. Then draw up a list of priorities, consider your budget and navigate all of the legal stuff.

Your adult kids will feel totally out of their depth here. Expect them to come to you for help making sense of it all.

Making Career Decisions

The idea of deciding what you want to do with your life when you’re only in your 20s is incredibly daunting.

Many people feel that they’re supposed to be adults but they also feel completely lost.

In these situations, when your children have to make big career decisions, you are usually the first person that they will turn to.

When advising them about these things, remember that they are different from you. The option you would choose isn’t necessarily best for them.

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Support them and give them your take but make sure that they know it is ultimately their decision.

Your job as a parent never gets easier, and even after they leave home, you still need to be prepared to help your adult children navigate these big life events.

Do you have tips on how to help your adult children when they still need you?
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A mother kisses her adult daughter on the forehead. This article goes through the times when your adult children still need you.

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