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How TELUS Can Help Families Stay Connected

Note: I have partnered with YMC and TELUS and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Gabby and Mimi stand in front of a mural in Windsor, Ontario. See how TELUS can help families stay connected.

How TELUS Can Help Families Stay Connected

As our kids get older, it’s inevitable that we would be navigating the world of cell phones. Back to school is right around the corner, which means communication is even more important.

Without being able to communicate with my kids, things could be rough around here. I guess you can say that I am that parent. You know, the one that embraces technology and the type that teaches my kids to be responsible with it.

Of course, every child is different and you know if your child is ready for a phone.

Darasak and I are determined to raise kids that are communicative with their parents and each other. Cell phones aren’t a negative thing, they can be a very positive aspect of family life.

I know that it gives me peace of mind.

Read on to see how we use them and how TELUS is helping families stay connected more than ever in a very digital world.

Quick Text to Each Other

Gabby and Mimi are getting older. In fact, Gabby is already 15 and has been using a phone responsibly for years. Now that Mimi is 9 years old, she has a phone too. At the moment, Gabby has data and Mimi does not (she can connect to WiFi though).

Having devices allows each of us to send a quick text to each other. Whether it’s to check-in, if I need to pick them up early or if they have a quick question, a quick text does the trick.

Not to mention, we speak advanced gif so texting is always fun, regardless of its utility.

Two sisters, Gabby and Mimi, take a selfie in front of a murale in Downtown Windsor. See how TELUS can help keep families connected.

being social and sending pictures

Although Mimi doesn’t have data, she can still connect to WiFi when she’s not with us. There is just something about seeing a picture of your kiddos and knowing that they are okay!

Pictures are a fun way to communicate.

Since we travel a lot, we also love sending pictures to grandparents and aunts and uncles. I love that my girls can share their favourite pictures with me too.

Whether they are selfies or artistic, I love that they can get creative!

Plus, they say pictures are worth a thousand words and my girls love to share! Mimi isn’t online but, Gabby loves to share her pictures and videos online. That way, her friends, family, local and worldwide can see her adventures.!

Gabby calls her Grandpa on FaceTime and Mimi eats gelato across the table from her,

communication From Far Away

When it comes to helping families stay connected, nothing does that better than keeping in touch.

There is something about each member of the family having a phone. When I’m away from them or they are away from me, we’re only a phone call away.

There have been out of city events and overnight trips where having a device with a reliable network has eased my worries.

It’s awesome being able to call your daughter, knowing she’ll pick up on the other end.

It goes both ways, they love knowing that I’ll pick up the phone when they call.

Gabby calls her Grandpa on FaceTime and Mimi eats gelato across the table from her, Mimi looks down.

Catch Up with Loved Ones

Life is busy and we don’t always have the time to visit loved ones as much as we’d like.

I’ve made sure to help my folks get set up with devices they can use. For themselves, of course, but a little selfishly too.


So we can talk to them when we can’t visit or are away on one of our travel adventures.

It’s always great to be able to see each other and let’s face it, it brightens up both of our days.

Gabby and Mimi sit on a hill side by the Detroit river, they're watching boats go by.

Know Where We Are Always

One of the best parts of having phones is being able to share location with each other. Don’t worry, this isn’t done in secret or against their wills. We openly share our location with each other for safety reasons but, for the ability to send exact locations for pick up.

If the girls happen to be away from me, it’s nice to be able to sneak a peek in the ‘Find Friends’ app and see if all is well. I’ll tell you one thing, sharing my location keeps me on my toes too. Since I can’t say, “I’m right around the corner,” anymore and not actually be around the corner.

Seriously though, it’s good to estimate ETA for the girls too. So they know where I’m at and how long it will be!

As you can see, cell phones can help families communicate. It creates a close bond and helps everyone feel safe.

In our family, we don’t just use any cell phone company. Since we’re a traveling family and the kids are headed back to school, I want only the best! We have been using TELUS for years and they’ve never let us down.

Let me tell you how they simplify the wireless experience for families.

Peace of Mind Rates

One of the reasons we use TELUS around our household is because of the Peace of Mind Rates. Wireless expenses can add up and it isn’t affordable to spend a ton of money on our wireless bill.

With the Peace of Mind Rates, you get access to endless data starting at…

  • $75 per month for 10GB of high-speed data
  • $95/month for 20GB of high-speed data
  • $125/month for 50GB of high-speed data without ever having to worry about overage charges.

With a teenager that has a deep love for Snapchat, not having to worry about her eating up all her data and leaving me with atrocious overage charges rocks.

Even if she does use up all of her allotted data, she can continue stream, share and stay connected as much as she wants with speeds up to 512 kbps.

If you’re a family who shares data like us, you can mix and match Peace of Mind Plans with Simple Share plans and still take advantage of the TELUS family discount.

Mimi sits on a ledge at a hotel and watches YouTube.

Simple Share Plans

Being able to share data is invaluable. Since we all use data in different ways, it suits us to share data and with these peace of mind rates, we can’t go wrong.

For example, my job is predominantly online and I use data pretty heavily. Though I do admit, I am pretty consistent and stay within the same usage every month. While Darasak uses a lot less, rely on WiFi more, and uses it for mostly leisure purposes.

It works for us.

You have options when it comes to sharing data. From shareable data starting at $75/month for 10GB of high-speed data to $95/month for 20GB and $125/month for 50GB of high-speed data.

Plus you can manage your kids’ usage with TELUS Data Manager by setting limits, allowing access, and ensuring they won’t go over your set limit. Not to mention, it’s unlimited talk and text anywhere in Canada.

Now, that’s helping families stay connected, am I right?

Mimi and Darasak watch a bird fly over the Detroit river while standing on a hillside.

TELUS Family Discount

Being a part of a family is a GOOD thing. TELUS understands that, which is why I love this part of their cell phone services. Each time you add someone from the family, you’re saving money.

It’s not just a $1 or $2, it’s quite a bit.

With two family members on a plan, you will get $5 off your monthly bill. With three family members, you each get $10 off the bill.

The more people you add family-wise, the better!

TELUS Easy Payment Program

Raise your hand if you love easy.

I know I do!

When you get a phone from TELUS, you have to pay $0 upfront. This is so nice financially. It can be hard to pay for a phone upfront.

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Something else that I really like about them is how they separate your bill. You’ll see that they have separated the device from how you pay for your plan. You can always see where you stand financially with TELUS.

Gabby poses in front of a mural that says 'Look Busy' and looks IG or Snapchat ready.

Stay Connected

With the school year about to kick-off, it’s a great time to get in on these awesome TELUS family plans.

Now you know a few reasons how TELUS is helping families stay connected.

Having a reliable network, good devices, and connectivity can help your family to not only be closer but, it keeps a bit more money in your wallet too.

I’m all about that life.

Does your network help you tick off all these boxes?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A banner reads, "How to keep your family connected with TELUS + tips that can save you money," a picture of a little girl sitting in a hotel and watching YouTube.

A banner reads, "How to keep your family connected, plus a few tips that can help you save money.

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