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12 Top Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer! #beauty


Top Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer!

This one is strictly for the ladies, though if you’re a fella, you can always take inspiration from this! Yes, summer is here and we are all ready to enjoy the sun, right? Here’s the top 12 beauty and fashion essentials that will make your summer all kinds of awesome. Plus, some of them can even help you win big!


1. A Cute Bathing Suit.

No matter what size or shape you are, you know you must have a fresh new look for the summer. I love the vintage style bathing suits and anything that is flattering to me. You can by-pass the BS and make sure you find a swim suit that will suit your body by using this guide, here. Otherwise, you know your body best so find a suit in cute pattern or your favorite color and be prepared to use it a lot this summer!


2. A Floppy Hat.

You know that this hat magically makes you even more fabulous, dahling? Not only is it fashion forward, its wide brim protects you from the sun. Plus, it ups your class game a few notches. Who am I kidding? It goes through the roof! It is perfect for days pool side or hot days at the beach. 


3. Throw Some Shade.

The sun is out, baby. That means you need to protect those peepers but, you want to look fashionable doing so. You can’t go wrong with classic Ray-Ban’s or big aviators. Classic black or in all shades, the options are endless! I’m more of a Ray-Ban gal myself but, I’ve been known to rock some aviators. Other choices are D-frames, Cat Eye, Oval or Wrapped.


4. Lighten Up.

The opaque and dark colors of fall and winter are behind us. Now is the time to bring out the fun, lighter and shimmery colors of summer. Bust out the teals, purples, beiges, light browns and more. Plus, lighten your blush shade for an even brighter glow!


5. Pretty in Pink.

Brighten your look with a light pink lip stain or gloss. The more shimmery it is, the better! It will look great on any skin color and I don’t know about you, pink just makes me happy. So does anything shiny! Lip stains work well too and make sure you use lip balm in between to protect and moisturize your lips.


6. Smooth It Out.

My absolute favorite razor is the Schick Intuition. Why? Well, simply because I like shaving everyday to be easy. Especially when I am in the shower. Since it comes with a moisturizing bar, you don’t need any shaving cream and you can be super smooth in absolutely no time. That means, your legs and underarms will be summer ready! 


Want to WIN $15, 000? Look for Schick products that have a pink Shop for Free sticker on them. You can find these products in your favorite stores that are participating. Then head on over to www.wesetyoufree.ca to register or if you’re already registered, just sign in!

Now, all you have to do is add your PIN and you may win a prize instantly. There are over 2,450 additional prizes to be won and every PIN entry is an entry to the Grand Prize to Shop Free for Year!


7. Go Old-School.

If you prefer to use shaving cream, I suggest using in Skintimate in Mandarin Burst. There are other amazing scents and not only will they help you achieve a clean shave, it will leave you silky smooth. I suggest you use the Schick Quattro (with 4 blades) and you’ll be silky smooth and raring to go!


8. Leather Thongs.

After you’ve slipped into your favorite summer dress, you’ll need to have some comfy yet stylish leather thongs to walk on sunshine. You can get these flats in various colors to match your wardrobe and outfits and they are so versatile. One of my definite summer picks!



9. Protect Yourself.

Now that summer is here, the sun is bright and really strong. Those UV rays can really do your skin much damage. I’m usually the type to always wear 50 SPF but, sometimes, I like to get a little bit of color. I love Banana Boat that provides a little bit of tanning but, with protection. That way, I can spend a little time under the sun and get a bit of tan while protecting my skin. It also smells amazing! Available in 4, 8, 15 and 25. 


10. Be Radiant.

This summer, you’ll be in and out of the pool, frolicking on the beach, boating, floating in a lake and so much more. That means your skin has the potential of getting really dry. I love using Hawaiian Tropic Ultra Radiance Cream Sunscreen, it’s oil-free and smells great. For those of you who prefer to not use sprays, this is for you. It’s available in 30 SPF and 50 SPF. Not to mention, it’s recommended for daily use!


11. Stay Germ-Free.

I am a bit of a germaphobe. Actually, it is a very aware mentality of germs and that is why I always have Wet Ones in my purse and wherever I go. The thing is that I am always on the go and when I am in a pinch, I have these to clean my hands and my kids hands. They kill 99.99% of germs and if you want to stay germ-free and not get sick, you know these should be an essential this summer. 


12. Stay Connected.

While this doesn’t necessarily fall into these fashion/beauty categories, it’s a must-have for your purse this summer. This rechargeable Power Pack is perfect for the netbook and smartphone user. It is nearly the size of a BlackBerry® smartphone, yet delivers plenty of power to finish your work, surf the web and charge your smartphone too.

It charges 3 extra hours and 3 devices. This will keep you connected at all times. That way, you can take summer selfies with your friends and those mandatory feet in the beach pictures. You know the ones!

These are but a few things to have in your summer arsenal of must-have summer fashion and beauty essentials. We had a long winter so, we have earned this! Let’s enjoy the summer as long as we can! Don’t forget to take advantage of the #ShopFree Contest, that $15K can go a long way, take a look at what I would do if I won, here.

What are your summer fashion/beauty essentials?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. These are some great suggestions. You can find me in my sunglasses and sandals almost all year around here in Las Vegas, plus sunscreen is a serious must as well.

  2. Those are some very good tips! It's good to keep looking your best when the weather gets warm, but you've got to protect your skin too!

  3. Skintimates does such a nice job, and smells so good. I do love big sunglasses, they aren't aviators but they're big.

  4. These are all great tips, I so need to get a hat for when at the beach as well as a new bathing suit.. haven't worn one in ages. I just ordered a new bathing suit offline and hope it looks good on me.

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