Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

A woman and her daughter sit in front of fireplace, drink hot chocolate, and smile. Christmas stockings are hung behind them.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Watching your kids open their stocking on Christmas morning is one of the best parts of the holidays. Though over the years, it can also be stressful and often expensive to fill up a stocking every year.

There are a few great stocking fillers to consider which are sure to be well-received and can make it much easier for you to fill up.

Read on for a few stocking stuffer ideas for kids.


It is hard to go wrong with sweets and this is the time of the year for indulgence after all.

Picking out your children’s’ favourite sweets will always be a smart move for stocking stuffers.

Plus, they may even share them with you if you are lucky.


Snow Globe

Snow globes are a nice stocking filler because they are always loved by kids and it will give them something that they can use as decoration every year.

You could even get a personalized one with a family photo in the centre.


Stationary is a good stocking filler because it encourages them to be creative and can provide handy items for when they return to school in January.

It is always good to encourage creativity at any age so this is a good gift idea.


Similarly, encouraging your child to read at any age is important. Think about a book that they will enjoy reading and it will be a gift that can be enjoyed over time.

Not just on Christmas Day.


Chocolate is always a sure-fire win, particularly during the festive period. You can even get personalized chocolates to make them that little bit more special and meaningful.


A game is a good stocking filler because it is something that you can all do together on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

You may not be able to fit an entire board game in the stocking but you can often find travel versions.

Even a deck of cards will provide you with many fun options.

Hat and Gloves

A new pair of gloves and a warm hat will be another nice stocking gift that they are sure to get good use of.

Particularly if you are heading out for a nice Christmas Day or Boxing Day walk.

Socks & Pants

It may not be the most exciting stocking stuffer but socks and pants are a classic and valuable item to have in your stocking at any age.

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Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for stocking stuffers that your kids can look forward to this Christmas.

Do you have any stocking stuffer ideas for kids?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A woman and her daughter sit in front of fireplace, drink hot chocolate, and smile. Christmas stockings are hung behind them. A banner reads, "stocking stuffer ideas for kids."

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