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The 3 Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

A rattle snake plant and succulent sit on a table in a beautiful home.

The 3 Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

‘Close the door, you’re letting all the heat out!’ This is something we all have heard when we were growing up. As we were young and consumed with our own world, we didn’t quite know what all the fuss was about.

Now that you’re a homeowner and you’re paying bills, you realize that actually keeping heat in your home is to your advantage. In the colder months, you pay less for your bills and you keep warm without putting on layers.

But no one has ever made a fuss about fresh air in the home. What do you do for that? Fresh air is cold cool air outside.

So surely if we let that type of breeze in we would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t we?

Well, it’s not always about temperature control, sometimes it’s more important.

Your health is greatly affected by poor air quality in the home, so you should do something about it. Read on to discover the benefits of fresh air in your home.

Plants Live Longer

The modern home has modern standards. Having plants for aesthetics and health improvement is right up there with the most desired.

However, if your plants aren’t allowed to breathe properly, they soon become yellow and faint in colour. Poor air quality can easily result in your plants and flowers living short lives.

You don’t want to be continually buying new plants over and over each time this happens.

Therefore when you leave for work, you should leave your first-floor windows slightly ajar. Open all the doors in the house and put doorstops in front of them to stop them from slamming due to a sudden gust.

When you’re off at work, your plants will continue to get a fresh supply of oxygen.

You’ll know it’s working when they turn dark green.

Boosting Your Morale

If you have ever grown up in a cold environment, you’ll know that having a hot but fresh air-filled home really boosts your morale. Being able to live in a warm home and not having to put on layers that make you uncomfortable is something every family home should have.

Installing an HVAC unit that can not only pump fresh cool air into your home but use filters to make hot fresh air, will make everyone feel better when they come home.

However, check to see if you’re in one of the locations where AC contractors are free to make a visit at any time. Check if they have proof of certification and a trusted reputation for their work ethic and quality.

A Stench Build-Up

Muggy murky air lingers as it’s filled with bacteria. Fresh air in the home slowly takes away bad stenches and replaces the air in the home with untainted molecules.

If you have small rooms in your home, it’s best to keep at least one window open at all times, That way, foul smells cannot develop so easily.

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In confined quarters, bad smells can build quickly. Fresh air is a simple cure-all for many stenches in the home. As aforementioned, giving your plants a fresh supply every day allows them to thrive too.

Hopefully, you can see the benefits of fresh air in your home. It not only affects you and your home, but it also benefits the plants in your home too.

Do you let fresh air in your home often?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A rattle snake plant and succulent sit on a table in a beautiful home. Below is a banner that reads, "The benefits of fresh air in the home."

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