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4 Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep

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4 Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep

There’s no getting around it, in order to be at our best, we need to have a solid night’s sleep under our belt. If we don’t, we’ll be irritable, and find it harder to concentrate. We simply won’t have the energy we need to take care of all of the responsibilities we have in our lives.

Thankfully, if you’re one of those people who tosses and turns all night, then there are things you can do to improve your sleeping habits.

Read on for 4 steps you can take for a better night’s sleep.

1. Detox from Work

There is much to love about living in the modern world. Keep in mind, there are a few downsides that we should be aware of. For example, we’re all working many more hours than we used to in the past.

This can make it harder to distinguish between our working and personal lives.

If our mind is still flowing in work mode when we’re trying to sleep, then it’s no surprise if we don’t fall asleep straight away.

As such, it’s recommended that you find a way to put the world of work behind you when you leave the office or workplace.

A mind-clearing walk will usually do the trick.

2. Setting the Tone

Take a look at your bedroom. Is it conducive to a restful night? If it’s cluttered, dirty, overly noisy or bright, then the answer will likely be no.

So take a look at improving the ambiance of your bedroom.

To begin, get rid of those items that don’t need to be there. They’ll occupy your headspace as well as physical space in your bedroom.

Keeping things neat and ordered, and adding incense or other calming oils, will also help.

3. The Right Infrastructure

Even if you have the right “tone” in your bedroom, you will find it difficult to fall asleep if you don’t have the correct sleeping infrastructure.

Take your bed, for instance. If you’ve had yours for more years than you can remember, then it’s probably not as comfortable as it could be.

The key is to find a mattress that works with your body, not against it. This Purple Mattress review, for instance, talks about how the mattress eliminates pressure points. This results in a more comfortable experience.

If everything else in your bedroom is right, but you’re not resting as well as you’d like, then it could be a bed-related matter.

4. Gearing Up to Bed

You might want to go to bed at a set time. If you haven’t been mentally and physically preparing yourself for sleep, then you’ll find it difficult to get to sleep.

In the two hours leading up to bedtime, look at preparing yourself.

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You can do this by taking a bath, reading, and avoiding screen time. This last point is believed to be responsible for a big rise in sleep disorders.

Put down the tablet or smartphone, and your mind will find it easier to switch off.

Do you have any tips to get a better night’s sleep?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Feet stick out of the end of a bed, under a pink blanket, below a banner reads, "4 steps to a better night's sleep every night."

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