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Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter

A young couple are being sold a home, they are having the keys handed to them.

Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter

Winter may not be the most ideal time to buy a home, however, you can still take some steps to make the home showing pleasant.

A good way to do this is to incorporate winter decor as temperatures outside drop. This will bring some warmth back into your home.

A word to focus on when you begin thinking about decorating your home for winter: cozy.

Yes, try to think of everything cozy and infuse it into your home for the season.

If you decide to sell your home during the winter, experts say you could reap a reward in cold, hard cash.

No one knows winter better than Canadians.

In fact, I bought my home a week before Christmas, there are buyers out there.

Many Halifax Homes for Sale in the winter months use these tips to entice buyers to come in out of the cold.

Read on to get your home ready to sell during the cold months of winter.

Make Your Home Welcoming

Simmering cinnamon or baking cookies is especially appealing in the winter. Plus, it will make your home smell delicious.

Even if your house is closed up, you don’t want fake smells such as air fresheners that make buyers suspicious.

Turn On the Sound

Don’t neglect the aural ambiance. Have soft music playing throughout. Light jazz or classical music is always soothing.

If it’s the festive season, non-religious holiday music is a nice touch.

Don’t turn on a commercial radio station, instead stream your tunes from a computer or tablet. You can use iTunes or a service like Spotify, or Amazon Music (get your free 30 days here) so that your music will be continuous.

Mute the ringers on telephones and answering machines.


If you’re in a snowy climate, keep all paths around the home and any outbuildings salted and shoveled.

Clear off any porches, patios, and decks.

If possible, keep outdoor furniture set up and clear from snow, so potential buyers can envision how they could use the space.

Take Advantage of the Dip in Home Inventory

The reality is homes do sell year-round. Any time there is a dip in inventory, a home seller can take advantage and attract ready home buyers.

Be ready to have open houses and crank up the furnace or turn on the fireplace and pay attention to lighting.

That way, when home buyers enter the home it’s warm and cozy.

Take Advantage of Vacation Time

People tend to take time off work during the winter and before the holidays. Three-day weekends like MLK Day and Presidents Day can be popular home shopping days.

As a seller, it only means that you have the potential to sell your home quickly.

Just be aware that you may have to be ready during the holidays but, it’s worth it if you make the sale!

Turn the Heat On

Drafts are less noticeable with the heat on, so make sure that potential buyers are welcomed inside with warmth.

If you can’t wait to move into your new property, then check out these moving hacks as they’ll help to speed up the process for you.

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If it’s been a while since examining the HVAC system, now is the time.

Affordable fixes like adding insulation, replacing weather stripping, and servicing the furnace can go a long way.

The most important thing to remember is to set up your home so that potential visitors can envision their lives there.

Not only during the warmer months but, during the cold ones too.

Do you have any tips to sell your home during the winter?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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