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Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!

Stay on Track with the Better for You Menu!

Eating healthy is often not the easiest thing to do. While making better decisions and preparing healthy options at home is easy, when you’re on-the-go, it can be a challenge. Second Cup has launched their Better for You menu and it’s making healthy eating nutritious and delicious too.

Second Cup’s Better For You menu offers fresh, nutrient-packed smoothies, breakfast wraps and overnight oats, all made with high-quality ingredients. These Better for You options make it easier to choose healthy alternatives, without compromising great taste!

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!


Once I drop the kids off at school, I go to my office and I start my day. Frankly, the last thing on my mind is to make breakfast for myself since I have never been much of a breakfast person. So, most days, I haven’t prepared anything.

Being able to go to a cafe on my way home and pick up something healthy and energizing is a plus. Most places, you only have the option of tea, calorie-laden drinks or sugary baked goods. While tempting and completely okay to have in moderation, it is not always the best choice when you are trying to be healthier.

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!


The convenience of sipping on something nutritious while I work or take notes is so helpful. So the NEW Almond Date Smoothie goes a long way. It is vegan-friendly and delivers a deliciously creamy, nutty profile sweetened with nature’s candy – dates.

It’s not overly sweet as you’d expect but, has a nice sweetness. It definitely makes for a healthy choice and has 1 whole banana and healthy fats from whole flax seed and almond butter. Plus, it’s gluten and dairy-free.

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!

How Did I Like It?

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the dates component of the smoothie, however, it added a nice hint of sweetness. I found it to be very nutty and a bit grainy, so if you like a bit of texture in your smoothies, this is for you.

It was good and I know that it is a great choice for when I’m on-the-go and trying to keep healthy habits. While it isn’t a frappe or something sugary that I mostly crave, this satisfies and nourishes

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!

Better for You.

My favourite item from the menu are the overnight oats. I make them myself when I have the time but, to be able to get them when I’m out and about? That’s just awesome. I tried the mango yogurt one and even bought a banana at the cafe to finish my breakfast. It was delicious!

The overnight oats are made with creamy oatmeal and crunchy chia seeds and come served with fresh, low-fat strawberry yogurt or low-fat mango yogurt. At a great price too, for $3.75, you have a great start to your day.

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!


The Second Cup Better For You original recipes reduce negatives such as fat and artificial preservatives or colours. They also incorporate more positives such as greens, fibre, whole grains, protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Second Cup’s new menu items will be highlighted in cafés by a green Better For You seal, making it even easier for Second Cup patrons to make smart, healthy decisions.

Take this egg white, kale and feta breakfast wrap for example, it is protein-packed and filled with egg whites, kale, feta cheese, sundried tomato and a fresh slice of tomato to give you a boost for the day ahead. 

Stay on Track with the Second Cup Almond Date Smoothie & Better for You Menu!


Now the Strawberry Banana Glow Smoothie and Green Mango Boost Smoothie were delicious. The strawberry smoothie is made with fresh bananas, yogurt and flax and filled with vitamins and minerals. I especially loved this one and it is my go-to when I hit up Second Cup.

The Green Mango Boost Smoothie is loaded with 11 grams of protein, leafy green kale and spinach and is fully loaded with nutrients that you need throughout the day.

To stay on track with your goals, you can always “ReThink your Drink” and make any of your favourite Second Cup beverages and make it “Better For You.” Save calories without losing delicious flavour by trying it lite and asking your barista for skim milk, almond milk or half sweet.

Selecting one of these lighter options for milk will reduce your espresso-based beverage by an average of 40 calories. Simply foregoing whipped cream on speciality drinks can save more than 100 calories!

It is great to know that I can stay on track with my health goals with Second Cup’s Better for You menu. Especially when I am having a craving, just starting my day or on-the-go while traveling.

Make sure to head to your nearest Second Cup and try out their Better for You menu options, you’ll love them! 

Visit secondcup.com for more information and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their latest updates.

Which one would you try?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. We do not have a Second Cup locally to me but I sure wish we did. That menu sounds excellent and it looks DELICIOUS!

  2. I’m sad there isn’t a Second Cup near me! Everything looks awesome and it looks like there are incredible choices for making the best of the day.

  3. The Second cup sounds like a great place to eat or grab a drink. We don’t have one in our area but I wish they. did because they don’t used possessed foods or anything harmful for the body. Thanks for sharing these awesome items.

  4. We don’t have a Second Cup (this is the first I have heard of it) but those drinks look delicious! Looks like yummy alternatives to a great and healthy breakfast.

  5. This looks delicious. I wish there was this place near by me though. I’ll make sure to put it on my list of places to go when I take a vacation. Hopefully I’ll find one close by.

  6. I’m loving these options , I haven’t been to second cup for awhIle due to getting a few starbucks cards for Xmas lol. I woukd love to try all of these

  7. These smoothies sure look good. I had chia seeda to my homaemade smoothis they are full of fibers and other nutrient and the iron is under 30%.

  8. Never thought about using dates in a smoothie before but not sure I would like the grainy texture, so I would probably go with the Strawberry Banana Glow Smoothie.

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