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4 Reasons to Book a Long-Term Holiday and How To Do It

A bird's eye view of a beach, there is a person floating in the water. This article covers reasons to book a long-term holiday.

4 Reasons to Book a Long-Term Holiday

We all need a holiday now and then. However, sometimes we become so burned out that we need to take an extended vacation.

Many people choose to take a long-term holiday (such as a working holiday) after a few years of intense studying or work projects. 

A long-term holiday can be beneficial in so many ways, and there are many ways to go about it.

You might want to go backpacking, work on a yacht and travel the world, or simply choose the city of your dreams to visit for a few weeks or months.

For this, you could check out the top ten short-term rentals in Toronto, which is much more affordable than living in a hotel room for weeks on end.

If any of these ideas sound appealing to you, here’s why they might be a good idea.

Well-Deserved Rest

We all need a break sometimes. Rest and relaxation form part of a healthy lifestyle too, and sometimes we push ourselves over the edge without any proper time to recuperate.

Taking a long-term vacation and spending some time away from home and your typical day-to-day responsibilities can do wonders to reset your mind.

You will feel rested for the first time in months.

Get Clear on Your Goals

Sometimes, breaking away from our day-to-day routine is exactly what we need. It gives us a chance to reassess our lives and which direction we want to be going in.

This is especially useful for when you’ve come to the end of a period in your life (like finishing a degree) and need to think about the next steps.

An extended period of time spent away from your usual scene will allow you to get some perspective on who you are and what you want from life.

New Experiences 

Taking an extended vacation means you’ll be spending time in different countries and cities. You’ll be having new experiences, learning, and growing as a person.

This is not the same thing as hanging out on the beach for a week as a tourist. You will be integrating into different cultures and identities even if only for a short while.

These kinds of experiences can change your perspective on so many things: who you are, who you want to be, what you want out of your life.

You might even fall in love with a certain place or culture and find a new direction for yourself.

Have Some Fun

While personal growth and perspective are great things to achieve from a holiday, it’s also a great way to simply have a little fun.

Our whole lives are dedicated to working, productivity, taking care of ourselves and others, and our various obligations.

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Throwing some fun into the mix is never a bad idea.

Letting loose and living a little, doing the things you have always wanted to do but have always been too busy for – those moments are crucial.

We all need and deserve some time for ‘us’, so don’t hesitate to really enjoy your journey. 

Do you have any other reasons to book a long-term holiday?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A bird's eye view of a beach, there is a person floating in the water. This article covers reasons to book a long-term holiday.

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