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3 Ways To Leave Your Comfort Zone When You’re On Vacation

Woman sits at the edge of the Grand Canyon with her dog. The vast is seen. This is how you leave your comfort zone when you're on vacation.

Leave Your Comfort Zone When You’re On Vacation

Travel is supposed to broaden the mind, right? It’s a surprise that so many of us stick to our comfort zones when we’re on vacation.

Rather than eat or drink something different, we turn our noses up at cultural offerings and opt for those items that we are familiar with. Rather than take the roads less traveled, we follow the hordes of tourists and stick to our sightseeing guides.

We limit ourselves and the experiences we can gain and create fewer lasting memories by doing so.

What I love about traveling is leaving my comfort zone, but not everyone does. If this sounds like you, you need to read on.

The next time you’re on vacation, take a few steps to leave your comfort zone.

By doing so, you will get a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will boost your confidence when you try to conquer your fears. You might even gain a life-changing experience that will alter the path you are on forever.

With the above in mind then, here are just a few ways you can leave your comfort zone when you’re on vacation.

1. Eat and Drink Something Different

We already know that the food and drink offerings abroad are going to be different. Some items are a little on the pricey side too. However, you really don’t know what it will be like unless you try it.

Make it a point to try something new wherever you go.

If you’re ever traveling through India, for example, you might try Kopi Luwak. It might be the most expensive coffee you will ever try. It is certainly made unusually, but if you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to try. It’s delicious!

If you’re ever in Japan and you’re looking for good seafood, don’t go for the usual sushi dish. Try tuna eyeballs instead. A delicacy that may sound unappealing, but are actually quite tasty.

Check out these other weird foods from around the world and add them to your foodie bucket list!

2. Add New and Daring Activities to Your Itinerary

Sure, you could park yourself on the beach and do little else with your time abroad. Or you could go for a scenic walk through well-trodden paths.

Why not do something a little more daring?

Go head to head with a shark by taking a cage dive. Scuba dive through underwater caves. Bungee jump from a great height. Rather than taking a hike, go mountain biking along forest trails instead.

Of course, you need to be careful if you have any health problems. You should always take guided activities as there are things you shouldn’t try without the proper guidance.

Still, test your limits when you can, and take part in adventurous activities that will help you push past your comfort zone and enhance your vacation time.

3. Don’t Follow the Tourists

Who knows what you might see or experience if you take a different path to that followed by the masses. You might find nothing at all, or you might find something of rare scenic beauty.

Or you may come face to face with wildlife that you might only otherwise see in a zoo.

As always, you do need to be careful. We don’t want you walking into the path of a bear or a mountain lion.

Always practice common sense and safety. It’s always best if you are going off the beaten path to have someone that knows the way, the possible dangers, and is local.

Do your research about the area and the paths you will take. Make use of an offline GPS map downloaded on your phone, that way you can find your bearings if you are lost.

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So, pop your safety bubble and step out of your comfort zone. By being a little brave, not only will you (potentially) have the best vacation of your life, but you might return home a changed person too!

How do you leave your comfort zone when you’re on vacation?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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