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Ways to Combine Online Studying and Traveling in 2022

A girl wearing a beanie smiles and uses a laptop in the trunk of an SUV. This article covers ways to combine online studying and traveling in 2022.

Ways to Combine Online Studying and Traveling

As the unprecedented global lockdown caused by a once-in-a-generation pandemic is gradually being lifted, people with built-up traveling appetites are more eager than ever to pack a suitcase and hit the road.

Furthermore, the world is increasingly shifting to online learning. This is a tendency that the pandemic fast-tracked.

In fact, anyone can get an AWS certification without even leaving the comforts of their homes.

Students are no longer physically tethered to their place of study.

Why not capitalize on these changing times by combining work with pleasure?

Here are a few tips to help you keep up with your studies while unwinding on your long-awaited trip. Read on to find out how to combine online studying with traveling this year.

Get Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

Standardized education is not only about pure intellectual or professional growth. Part of it is about repetitive tasks and obligatory assignments you have to complete.

That might not carry a true educational value for you. 

There are aspects of education, like attending lectures or passing tests, that you can’t delegate to a third party.

But if you have to submit a routine essay, for example, you might be better off opting to hire a college essay writer and freeing up extra time for your exciting activities.

Know your priorities, and don’t let mundane responsibilities parasitize all the fun out of your travels.

Plan Your Schedule Ahead

Sometimes, when you set out to do two things at once, you end up doing neither.

Always plan your travel activities in a way that doesn’t conflict with your study schedule. 

You don’t want to sully your enjoyment of a fun activity with the lingering guilt of missing a class. You also don’t want to sit through a lecture with the disengaging feeling of missing out on something more enjoyable.

Traveling alone can benefit from some mindless improvisation.

Once you bring studying into the mix, and the need for careful management becomes clear.

You need to assign learning and leisure their respective time and place. Paper research and essay writing, among other academic responsibilities, require full concentration and your undivided attention.

Those do not go well with hiking or beach drinking.

Maintain a Reasonable Balance

It’s easy to get carried away with your trip and neglect your academic responsibilities. It’s also not healthy to waste most of your travel time staring into a research paper on your computer.

You need to find a golden middle. 

Procrastination always leaves you with an unnecessary sense of anxiety. Don’t spoil your own fun by beating yourself up over unfinished tasks.

Always get your studies out of the way as a first priority. 

Tuning out of fun activities to attend an online lecture might seem anticlimactic at the time. Remember that being productive for a while and getting chores out of the way gives you a sense of satisfaction.

It can put your mind at ease and fuel the enjoyment of the rest of your day.    

Lock Down the Basics

This one may sound obvious, but so often, minor details that are easy to overlook end up causing major setbacks. 

With distance learning, the availability of quality internet that we often take for granted makes all the difference.

Lack of good internet connection at your place of stay is usually not an easily solvable problem.

So before departing, make sure your destination offers high speed, unlimited internet access for streaming your courses and attending online lectures.

Better safe than sorry.

You Ready to Travel?

With the help of modern technology, studying on the go is more convenient than ever. With the worldwide internet coverage and thousands of libraries’ worth of data available at a click of a button, you are no longer bound to a desk or a classroom to access knowledge.

We hope our tips help you make the best out of your combination of productivity and leisure.

Do you have any tips on how to combine online studying with traveling?

Joanne Elliot is a former school psychiatrist and a student counselor. She hosts an online blog that is increasingly popular among students and their parents alike. Her professional background and experience make her cut out for helping students worldwide overcome mental hurdles that hold them back in academic success.


The pandemic has changed everything. Especially education. If you're looking to combine online studying and traveling, read these tips!

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