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Canada’s Wonderland: Enjoy Family Fun, Good Food and Thrills to Last a Lifetime

Canada's Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland!

We headed up to Toronto this past weekend to take in a day at the park. My daughters both have never been. While my Hubby, who grew up in Vaughn and myself, a thrill-seeker, frequented the park in our youth quite often. I was stoked to have been invited to be Canada’s Wonderland’s guests for the day and we arrived early. As soon as we parked, Gabby got out of the car and was absolutely awestruck by the Leviathan and other coasters.


Last Weeks of Summer.

I love going to theme parks during the last weeks of summer and into fall. The weather is beautiful, the crowds are less and most of the times they are themed for Halloween too. We went in the first weekend of September and since it was nice and early on arrival, we had almost no crowds or line-ups. That made for happy parents and even more excited kids that got to ride more than once!



Gabby, Hubby and I were all super excited to get in the park and get on the rides–while Mimi was a bit reluctant but curious! We just had to take a picture in front of the famous Canada’s Wonderland fountain and since I am behind the camera. Well, you know!  What was next was to make our way to get Gabby measured to see what rides she could go on.





Things Along the Way.

Dinosaurs Alive! For just $5.00 with your admission ticket, you can step back in time and get to see dinosaurs in different aspects of their lives. There are 5 main scenes and for Dino Lovers, this is the place to be! We even walked by the beautiful and picturesque fountain and bumped into Charlie Brown!

Right next to Medieval Faire was our destination and two booths were Gabby lined up to get measured. She was determined to be “Purple” and was able to ride everything including Purple labled rides. This enabled her to go on some coasters, just not all. I thought this was a really neat thing to offer and they also gave her a wristband to wear.


Ready to Drop?

On Drop Tower, riders sit on a high-speed transport lift that travels over 16 feet per second, 230 feet in the air! At the top of the tower, guests have but moments to take in the panoramic view of the Park before it registers that what goes up must come down.



The lines were so short in the morning that we barely had to wait. Hubby and I took turns going onto the Drop Tower, it was an Orange ride–so Gabby couldn’t go on! She looks forward to it next time though! Omigosh. It was so much fun that we went on TWICE! You get a nice view of the park and we had an absolutely beautiful day for it. Blue and clear skies and not too warm!


Get Wild, Baby!

Gabby rode the Wild Beast THREE times!

Get set to ride the banks and jump the humps on this massive serpentine designed wooden coaster.

And we did!

It was so much fun. It was Gabby’s actual FIRST coaster ride and she took it like a champ. She’s ecstatic and as you can see from her face right after getting off, she’s hooked! I think it must be in her genes because everyone in our family are thrill-seekers and coaster lovers! Though I must say, she made fun of her mom who teared up a bit on the coasters!


ARR Matey!

Climb on board The Rage, a pirate ship bound for the high seas. If you look reallly close, you’ll be able to see Gabby and Hubs in the center of the boat. The first two from the left. Man, was it something to see them swing back and forth. Gabby braved the rough waters again and went on with me. You go so high and the nice part is that you can experience it with the smaller kidlets.


Want Thrill?

Hop aboard the Leviathan that is over 300 feet tall, goes 148 km/hr and drops you from 306 feet (93.27M) at an 80 degree angle; travelling over 5486 feet (1672.1M) of track! Taller than Windseeker and Behemoth! Hubby and I took turns going on this and let me tell you, it is so worth it.

We were able to get on it with minimal wait but, we were happy we did it before lunch not only because we wanted to keep our lunch but, because the park got PACKED after lunch! But, don’t fret, for as low as $50.00 you can get a Fast Lane Pass wristband and it allows you to bypass the regular lines on 17 rides and attractions!


The Marketplace International Buffet.

Come and experience our indoor market style all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant! This upscale restaurant has the ultimate in variety and selection. Diners can expect savory selections from Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Taco Bar, salad bar and many other tasty options too numerous to mention! The Marketplace also features a dessert station and specials featuring international cuisine.







Since we were guests of Canada’s Wonderland, they were gracious hosts and lunch was on them! We went to the Marketplace International Buffet. They had something for everybody and it was very good! We had an assortment of food and the dessert was superb–there was TONS to choose from!

The food was fresh and kid-friendly as well as appetizing for the adults! There are many other places to eat at Canada’s Wonderland and this was a great one! We were so full that we are going to have come back just to get CW’s yummy and famous funnel cakes!


Planet Snoopy!

Planet Snoopy is the place to be!  The world’s most popular beagle and his friends welcome kids of all ages to new rides, daily character meet-and-greets and live entertainment! Featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus, Planet Snoopy allows little riders to fly, whirl, dive and swoop through brand new attractions including the Peanuts 500, Snoopy’s Revolution and Lucy’s Tugboat.



Perfect for Families!

We spent a lot of time here with the girls and though I worried that Gabby would think that it was too “kiddish” (her words), it really wasn’t! She even told me how fun it was and we bumped into more friends throughout the day. Snoopy was so cute, I wanted to squeeze him! The rides were fun for both of them and we went on quite a few of them! You can check out videos of our time in Planet Snoopy and Kidzville, here.

Gabby’s favorite ride was Frequent Flyers, Ghoster Coaster and Silver Streak. Mimi’s favorite ones were Snoopy’s Space Race, Jumpin’ Jet and Chopper Chase! I loved the Guest Services they had in Kidzville. It was a great place to sit, take care of your wee ones and to find your kiddies in the case they get lost!


Try Your Luck!

We decided to try our luck at a few games and we really wanted to get our hands on a Crazy Minion! It was so cute! While we didn’t win one, it was tons of fun to play! I had pretty good aim and almost got it. Better luck next time, right? They have quite a lot of places to play fun games, challenges and a big arcade for those who love to cool down indoors and chill out!


We Are Coming Back!

Well, first off–I want to thank Canada’s Wonderland for having us for the day! We had a blast and while you may think that amusement parks are fun just for the older crowds, we were able to satisfy both our littles thrills and our own by going on extreme thrill rides and watching our wee one go on rides she enjoyed. Even Gabby was able to partake in lots of “adult” coasters due to her height and we were able to experience the park in a whole different way this time!

It’s not too late to head to Canada’s Wonderland, the fun is still going strong! DARKNESS FALLS. EVIL RISES. Each weekend night, Canada’s Wonderland transforms into a horror-filled nightmare. From mazes with terrifying creatures around every corner to thrill rides that’ll haunt your dreams, it’s everything you fear and can’t wait to experience. Not for anyone under 13.

Be sure to check CW out on Twitter and follow @WonderlandNews for updates and events! For more information, head over to canadaswonderland.com and to plan your next visit!

Have you ever been to Canada’s Wonderland?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Okay I am so inspired. I wish we went this Summer.
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  2. Love the photos as you can tell everyone was having fun. Sounds like a fun place to visit and entertain the family.

  3. I was there once when I was 16. (so over 10 yeas ago.) I would love to take my kids someday. I see a lot has changed since ive been there but there are still a few thing I recognized from your pictures.

  4. I am not much for the rides anymore but i would go just for the food,it all looks so tasty.Another fun family day !

  5. Hi I love your website and your pictures. May I have your permission to use some of the pictures for a project? I will use them with the whispersinspired tag on them. Let me know if that is okay. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry but, my pictures are under an All Rights reserved license. You do not have permission to use them.

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