Put Your Child On The Path To Success with a Recognized Speech Therapist!

Put Your Child On The Path To Success With A Recognized Speech Therapist

Success with a Recognized Speech Therapist!

While autism appears to be on the rise, increases in diagnoses as well as improvements to the methods of detection and advances in psychological assessment have made it a much easier condition to treat, provided the proper steps are taken.

Through more attuned testing comes better, personalised treatment. The earlier the diagnosis, the faster the parents of a child living with this condition can help them to make progress, and help them to carry out a fulfilling life while finding a treatment method that caters to their specific needs.

ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder currently affects approximately one out of every 68 children in the U.S and occurs most often in the males – ASD includes Autistic disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder, and most recently Asperger’s syndrome (which previously belonged to its own category).

The primary areas it affects are a person’s abilities of social interaction and communication, and their behaviour on sliding scales. While many of these developmental delays reveal themselves in children before the age of two, in others it may take more time – becoming apparent once the child starts to talk or interact in more complex social settings such as school. In some, ASD may be so slight that the condition goes overlooked, manifesting itself in behavioural ticks, patterns of thinking, and unpredictable emotional reactions causing unnecessary hardships for the child or young adult.

The inability to effortlessly and organically use language to communicate their needs is particularly difficult for people with ASD; while parents and family members may learn how to adjust to their child or family member’s way of expressing themselves, day-to-day interaction, and a sense of being able to move through the world autonomously requires coaching, practice, and patience.

It is speculated that the reasons for misdiagnoses in the past derived from stigma, where physicians downplayed a child’s symptoms as a minor personality quirk. However, through a professional team specializing in ASD detection and treatment, children can be evaluated properly, and parents can be provided with detailed guidance for how to seek out support.

If you’re looking for an ABA therapist Toronto has many options, so it pays to do your research and find a clinic that will offer a program custom-tailored to your child’s specific needs.

When facing the challenges of ASD, many families are now turning to Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment. For those living in Toronto, Simone Friedman SLS provides exceptional ABA therapyto Toronto residents at their homes, schools, daycares, or at our clinic located at 1232 Dufferin Street, in they city’s west end – with flexible programs created to cater to every person’s needs.

An on-site clinical psychologist is helpful in conducting a full assessment without you having to wait three years for an assessment funded by OHIP. If you suspect your child might need special, timely attention, we can determine whether a child meets the criteria for Autism and other related conditions by means of IQ, pre-academics, and social functioning testing.

If diagnosed, the Early Start Denver Model is used to determine next steps, combining several best practices, evidence-based approaches for treating children diagnosed with ASD and other developmental language delays.

One of the most popular programs at Simone Friedman SLS is the S.T.A.R school for children ages 18 months – SK. For four full days per week, pre-school age children receive a combination of one on one attention from instructors, Applied Behavioral Analysis from clinical professionals, and practice interaction in social situations that target areas of both verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills, cognition, goal-setting, play, motor skills and personal independence, everything a child needs to mitigate the challenges of ASD.

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