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Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom Design

A bedroom with a nightstand and clock sit in a guest room. Find out how to create the perfect guest bedroom.

Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom Design

Guest bedrooms might not always be in continuous use, but that doesn’t mean you should forget their design.

Creating the first impression with curb appeal is great. However, guests should be made to feel comfortable in your home. Especially when they require some privacy or a good night’s sleep.

Here are 5 suggestions to create a perfect guest bedroom.

Create a Pastel-Based Design

Aim for light pastel colors that work well together and aren’t going to be jarring to anyone. The palest of blues, light greens, or sunflower yellow is going to make the guest room feel inviting and larger than it is.

Also, with furnishings, keep them a little on the sparse side to allow for plenty of free space. This avoids any spare bedroom feeling cramped regardless of its actual dimensions. 

Keep Your Air Clean

One problem frequently experienced by guests is a musty smell. This indicates poor air quality in the room.

This is usually a sign that the room hasn’t been occupied and slept in recently. When forgetting to air out the room by opening up the windows, it only makes matters worse.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an HVAC system connected to the spare bedroom, it can keep fresh air circulating. That is if it’s working correctly. Make sure the system always has a fresh air filter.

It’s possible to get a supply of replacements from filterbuy.com. They have filters in various sizes to fit different HVAC systems which saves hunting around for the correct one.

Add Some Antique Furniture

If you want to impress your guests, then adding some antique furniture to the guest bedroom. It will not go unnoticed.

When you keep to a more spartan design, it will reduce the total cost too.

The furnishings could become a talking point. Sharing a love of shopping for antiques could naturally follow from that.

But otherwise, guests will enjoy this touch of class over new furniture that doesn’t impress in the same way.

Use the Design to Create a Theme

Whether you wish to extend a theme that you’ve used throughout the home into the guest bedroom, or to create something unique, is up to you.

Do you wish to inspire your guests for international travel with famous photographs of international spots adorning the walls?

Or, are you aiming for something else that will have broad appeal in a different way?

Include a Seating Area

Sometimes, guests like a place to sit and think for a while. It may be to plan their day ahead or just to be comfortable while checking their email.

Adding seating avoids them having to sit on the edge of the bed or move to a shared living area which might be busier than they prefer first thing in the morning.

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Also, add two chairs if you can because you might have couples rather than single friends staying over.

Whatever inspired design is chosen for the guest bedroom, focus on the comfort of your guests as the priority. It will make their stay with you so much more pleasant.

It may be a little extra but, I can’t help it!

How do you design your guest bedrooms?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A side table with a clock sit in a guest bedroom. A banner reads, "Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom Design."

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