Ddrops Bliss Contest!

Ddrops Bliss Contest

Ddrops Bliss Contest!

There are 4 spots, so hopefully I am one of the lucky ones, either way, a infinitude million thank-you’s to you all! You guys are absolutely awesome. I can’t even tell you, if I secure a spot. I’ll be able to learn and expand this site! Thanks for your time and your readership. 

If you’re here to vote.


Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and leave your comment there. Unfortunately leaving a comment HERE will not count! Thank-you once again to everyone. Have a great weekend!


The #DdropsBliss Contest is sponsoring 4 lucky mom bloggers for entry to Blissdom Canada. It’s one of the biggest blogging conferences in Canada that is very beneficial and informational for bloggers! It is in Toronto and it’s a conference that helps bloggers like me to expand their knowledge. It is going to be pretty epic and I am crossing my fingers at the chance! 

I wrote an essay/post for entry and how mom bloggers impact and influence in the health of Canadian families which you can find here on my blog. It is all about how nurturing is universal and motherhood. One of the best jobs I have ever had. You get to know me a bit and see how I feel about such an important subject. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say too. I value your opinion! 

I really want to go to further my knowledge and meet even more wonderful ladies that are extremely supportive. I appreciate all your support so far! You guys rock!  Remember, you have to vote on the Ddrops Bliss Contest blog post and not here or it won’t count.  So, thanks for taking the time to do it! I may have a small surprise for you all later!


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