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Halloween Memories in 2010

Halloween Memories 2010
Halloween Memories in 2010.

This Halloweekend truly was a busy one, a good kind of busy though. Gabriella decided to be a Princess and we dressed Mimi up as a Kitty cat. We took them to Science City. I had no idea it existed, I guess it’s a small building where they have educational fun for kids. First time going and Gabs enjoyed it. Plus the girls both wore their costumes.

It was very cute.

Gabriella was super stoked that she was allowed to wear make-up and of course she wanted to take pictures and I allowed my inner Mamarazzi to come out. We visited my parents before we headed out to go trick-or-treating and they melted of course!

Here’s some pics taken at  her Abuelitos house!

Halloween Memories 2010

Halloween Memories 2010

Halloween Memories 2010

We set out like we usually do and stuck around our neighborhood by foot. It was very chilly and Gabs wore ear muffs, a few layers and a petticoat. Mimi stayed with her grandparents because it was too cold to bring out such a little Jelly Bean, next year she can go! Gabs was super excited the whole time and full of energy, she made me laugh by cracking so many jokes! She got so many compliments for her costume and tiara and it made her smile. Makes me so happy to see her beaming! Now, I don’t know whether to take it as an insult or compliment but a lady stopped me and said, “Your sister looks absolutely beautiful in her costume!” I just smiled and said “Thank-you!”

I guess I must look young but, I stick to my guns that it’s just my height! 😛

It was funny.

After Gabby was tired we decided to head home but, we had to stop and get her a hot cocoa! Unfortunately, they were out and a chocolate milk would have to suffice. I know that the last thing she needed was any more sugar but, it’s Halloween! I bent the rules a wee bit! We stopped by Gabs’ Abuelitos house to pick up Mimi and to show off the stash and share the wealth of course!

Here she is!

I think I have my work cut out for me to sort through all these candies!

Halloween Memories 2010

I also have to commend to whomever gave out the Halloween themed pencils and erasers (she got quite a few and was stoked about it, she loves them), even if this one in the picture ended up in the stash! A little girl can never have enough pencils and hey, it’s green! What is it you say? It’s a donated pencil I guess? It’s used and a found a new home! LOL!

Halloween Memories 2010

Well, we have been blessed to have another safe and very Happy Halloween and my family and I can only extend my best wishes to you all! I hope your kids and all you parents alike don’t end up with tummy aches from all the goodies. I hope you make good choices for your chillums ( I know you all do) and hope you all fully enjoyed this festive day! Can’t wait to see all your pics!

Til then, cheers m’deres!




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  1. It looks like the princess returned to the palace with a lot of candy. Pencils are a great idea. I will have to remember it.

    1. I think they're an awesome idea! They are very inexpensive and require less packaging and to be honest, once the rush of the candy goes away that's what they go for next. I let Gabs have a few treats and she had already sorted and piled her pencils and erasers! From the mountains of candy, they really stand out.

      But, she sure did return to the palace with plenty of treats and she's shared with everyone! Hope your Halloween was terrific!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of candy! And what a pretty princess 🙂

    Pencils are a good idea. My daughter got lots of stickers and she loved them too.

  3. Aww! Such a cute little kitty and beautiful princess!

    The pencils and erasers are always awesome. I like to have a few sippy cup stuffed with little socks on hand for the really tiny trick or treaters that come.

    1. Ooooh. That's a really cute idea! I didn't see too many little ones out in my area. But, yeah, Gabs loves the pencils and stuff. We had a good laugh when we got the used pencil in the stash. LOL!

  4. Awwwww….now why didn't they have great costumes like that when we were kids. I had to wear dorky costumes with plastic mask under which I was basically suffocating in my own carbon dioxide rebreathe.
    She looks beautiful! I want that crown!

    1. I remember those masks and I think they were like airbrushed on too. The masks sometimes creeped me out, meanwhile they were supposed to be cute characters! Why thank-you for the compliments on my little Peanut, I actually got her tiara at Claire's, the one that came with the costume was a clip and didn't stay on properly. LOL.

    1. Thank you Sara, I think that sippie cups and socks are an awesome idea! There are a lot of little bitties that come around! Thanks for stopping by, I'm going towards your place!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Pencils are a pretty cool idea I think, she's used them and had a ball with them. The erasers are cool too, I hope they didn't think they were candy! But, she just plays with them and identified them as erasers right away, so for older kids it's great loot! I tried visiting your place but, it's private! 😛

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