5 Ideas for Effective Workouts from Home

Woman is working out in her home gym. It's possible to have effective workouts from work.

5 Ideas for Effective Workouts from Home

Has the current coronavirus pandemic messed up your usual health and fitness routine?

If you’re normally a daily visitor to the gym and they’ve now closed down, you might have taken a hit when it comes to staying active.

Gyms, fitness classes, personal training sessions, and swimming pools are some of our favourite ways to stay fit and healthy.

With shelter in place orders currently in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they’re all out of the question.

That leaves you with fewer than usual options to choose from when it comes to staying active. Many people are trying to figure out what works for them outside of the gym.

You may have found yourself needing to make some big changes to your health and fitness routine. Especially to stay as healthy as possible throughout the current pandemic and keep up your good habits.

Here are some top tips to have effective workouts from home!

Set Up a Home Gym

If you have space, setting up a home gym is a great idea. It’ll help to keep you healthy even when gyms open in the future because you have the fitness equipment that you need right there.

Especially if you can’t be bothered to leave the house but want to work out.

Research some of the best home gym equipment and pick up items that you are likely to use. For example, a home treadmill or exercise bike is a great idea if you usually do cardio workouts.

An under the desk treadmill is a great space-saving alternative.

While some free weights and kettlebells are ideal for those who prefer to work out with weights.

You could invest in a full home gym set-up that incorporates both. Check out some home gym reviews and read about the equipment listed here to figure out what’s going to be the best investment in your health.

Play Active Games

If the pandemic has got you feeling a little stressed out and anxious, working out might not be the first thing on your mind.

Don’t worry if you’ve been spending a lot of your time binge-watching Netflix, playing Xbox, and trying to forget that the whole COVID-19 thing is even happening.

You’re definitely not alone.

However, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate staying fit and having fun. If you have an Xbox Kinect or a Nintendo Wii, there are plenty of sports or dancing games that you can.

They will leave you smiling and help you stay fit at the same time. Another option would be to just download Pokémon Go.

After that, go for a brisk walk while you try to catch ‘em all.

Try a New Exercise

If you rely heavily on the professional equipment found at the gym to stay fit, then you might be feeling a little lost when it comes to staying fit at home.

Home exercise bikes and treadmills are great. If you don’t have a huge amount of cash to spend, then you’ll probably notice a difference in quality.

Especially compared to the ones you are used to exercising on.

Now is a great time to open up YouTube and look for videos that will talk you through exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

For example, yoga is great for any stress you might be feeling right now.

Get Outside

The good news is that even though we’re all staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you can still go outside to get some fresh air.

It’s vital to your health.

If you are lucky enough to live close to a green space or a park, figure out when the quietest times to go are.

Spend some time outside in the fresh air getting some exercise. Walk, jog, run or cycle, or even take a skipping rope!

Bodyweight Exercises

If you normally work out with weights and are missing weightlifting in the gym, you can get your own weights to use from home.

Home weights might not be in everybody’s budget right now but, you can try the next best thing.

That’s exercising with your own body weight.

There are plenty of great exercises that you can do, like lunges, burpees, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. These are harder than you realize even without any additional weight.

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If you do want to add some weight on when exercising, you don’t always have to invest in actual weights. Check your home for anything that’s relatively heavy that you can lift.

You might be surprised at what you find.

If gym closures due to COVID-19 have left your fitness routine in a mess, the good news is that there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to keeping up your healthy habits from home.

Do you have any more effective workouts from home that work for you?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Woman is working out in her home gym. It's possible to have effective workouts from work.

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