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Why Couples Who Exercise Together, Stay Together

A couple runs through a park.

Why Couples who exercise together, stay together

Every day across the world, there are individuals that are going to the gym, hitting the treadmill, pounding the pavement, and getting yoga mats out. All with the goal of getting fitter and getting healthier.

We all know how much fitness and regular exercise can impact our health, both physical and mental, but it can also impact any relationship. If you have a partner that doesn’t come along with you to work out, why not bring them along next time?

Although this can be tricky depending on work schedules and childcare if you have children, it’s not impossible.

Plus, here is a lot of evidence to suggest that couples who workout together, do actually stay together.

Here is what working out together can do for your relationship.

Exercise can increase your happiness

Believe it or not, there have actually been some studies looking into this. After working out together, couples reported that they felt happier in their relationship. They felt even more in love.

Working out together can be a really great way to feel invigorated, and as a result, can help with these positive effects.

It isn’t necessarily the activity that you are doing together, but more of a physiological arousal that can occur as a result.

So it shows that sharing an exercise goal or working out together can actually be a really good thing.

If you need to boost things, then why not have a date night at the gym, rather than the movies?

Exercise can improve the efficiency of your workouts

There is a bit of a concept that has been around for a while, in terms of psychology, that shows that having the presence of someone else can actually improve how you do things.

You might already be quite good at doing something in particular, but if you have your partner with you, then it can be a boost that you need to improve and do more.

It could be because of an innate need to impress, but having them there will help your workout. Even without you really having to think about it.

So although things like a testosterone booster or protein powders can help your goals, your partner could also be a secret ingredient to success.

It can be a great way to boost your fitness performance and smash your goals.

Exercising together can increase your emotional bond

When you start to workout together, you will be able to create a context where you can bring your actions together.

You could lift weights together or match your running or walking paces. This is something that can benefit you both.

It can help people to feel more emotionally in tune with one another, and it can go a long way to help you to bond as a couple.

Exercising together will provide an opportunity to make sure that you can create a connection like this. It can benefit the health of your relationship, as well as your own general health.

Win-win, right?

Exercising together can make you fall in love all over again

Exercise has a similar physiological impact on you as falling in love has. Sweaty palms, feeling shaky, a racing heart rate, and being short of breath are all examples of these similarities.

As these things are mirroring each other, it can be quite a thrill.

So why not use this impact and feeling to your advantage? It seems like a bit of a no-brainer, right?

Definitely worth a try.

Get physical

When your partner cares about their fitness, it does become easier to achieve any specific fitness goals.

So sharing in something together, whether that be jogging, hiking, bike riding, or just weight training, can help each of you to improve your goals. You will achieve them, and improve health and well-being too.

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It also helps to have a shared interest or hobby when the rest of your life and work differs. It is definitely something worth thinking about next time you put your running shoes on.

Ask your partner if they want to put theirs on too and come along with you. It can help you both in a number of ways.

Now you know that maybe there is a little truth that couples who exercise together, stay together.

Do you work out with your significant other?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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