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15 Fun Floats for Your Pool Party

A picture of unicorn and rainbow pool floats are shown in a pool, a banner below it reads, "15 Fun Floats for Your Pool Party."

15 Fun Floats for Your Pool Party

Before you know it, summer will be here. That brings along blue skies, sunny days, and hot temperatures and LOTS of pool days! Whether you are taking your kids to the pool, enjoying your back yard pool, or throwing epic pool parties– you need fun floats for your party.

Why Pool Floats?

Besides the obvious reason of helping you float, they are so much fun, make great Instagram props and people of all ages can’t resist using them. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours in more styles than there are emojis. Thanks to the ‘gram, it’s brought them back to the spotlight and don’t worry, we’ve rounded them up for you.

Read on to discover the coolest and most fun floats for your pool party below.

A woman floats on a unicorn pool float in a big pool.

Unicorn Pool Float

As if pool days aren’t magical enough, now you can float around on a unicorn float. Perfect to soak in the sun and get some amazing pictures to post to the ‘gram. Show off that rainbow life, queen!


A pool float shaped like and designed like a watermelon.

Summery Fruit Floats

This multipack adds colorful fun to your summer swim on a budget.


A yellow and green pineapple float.

Pineapple Raft

Take a tropical escape without going further than the pool with this pineapple floater! Pineapples are awesome, I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right?


A large watermelon pool float.

Inflatable Watermelon Island

This large colorful pool float makes for an awesome island for your pool party!


A woman and a girl float in a pool on top of a peacock pool float.

Peacock Pool Float

If you look awesome in your swimsuit and want to show off a little, take a cue from this pretty peacock float. The feathers are beautiful and the colours so vibrant.


A woman sits in a huge rubber ducky pool float.

Giant Rubber Ducky Float

Rubber Ducky makes for the funnest float in town with the larger than life presentation! How awesome is turning a childhood fave but making it 10 times the size?


A girl floats inside a mermaid float, the tail makes it look like it is the girl's tail.

Mermaid Tail Float

Pool day takes a turn to fin flipping fun with this gorgeous float! Plus, if you have ever dreamt of being a mermaid, this float will help you do just that!


A woman in a white bikini sitting on a pink flamingo pool float.

Pink Flamingo Float

This funky bird brings a lot of color and fun to any pool party! Can’t go wrong with flamingos!



A huge avocado pool float with the seed as a inflatable pool ball.

Avocado Pool Float

Float around in tasty splendor with this huge inflatable! Avocados are really the best thing EVER! At least, I happen to think so.  They even made the seed useful.


Mom floats with child on a donut pool float.

Donut Pool Float

This donut looks good enough to eat, or to spend a day lazily floating around the pool!


Woman inside hole of fire breathing dragon pool float.

Fire Breathing Dragon Float

Light the pool party up with this float that puts the fun in functional. Plus, you can look pretty fierce on that dragon.


The original swan pool float in white.

Giant Swan Float

Bring grace and style to the party with these huge and pretty swan pool floats. In other words, you’re the star!


A large diamond ring pool float, gold and and diamond.

Diamond Ring Pool Float

Bring the bling to the party with this unique diamond ring pool float. Perfect for anyone who loves a little glamour anytime, anywhere.


The Millennium Falcon as a pool float, exact replica with design printed on the exact shape.

Millenium Falcon Pool Float

Take your pool party to a galaxy far, far away with this large float. However, just tell Chewy to sit this ride out.


Woman smiling and holding her arms above the rainbow shape above her head of the rainbow pool float.

Rainbow Pool Float

Everything is more magical when it includes a rainbow. Why not float in one all day? You never know, you might just find that treasure at the end of the rainbow!


A pink flamingo pool float is floating in the sea, it is close to the camera in the water.

Get Your Float On!

There you have it, folks! I hope you will be able to rock it out all summer long. Whether it’s lazy days at the pool, epic frat parties, family reunions, kids birthday parties or even to bring with you when you travel!

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Above all, my favourite is the avocado and the unicorn, that’s so predictable of me though, right?

Which pool float would you like the most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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