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9 Health & Beauty Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready

An Asian girl looks away from the camera, she is wearing a festive red dress.

Tips to Get Yourself Holiday Party Ready

The holiday season is fast approaching and with this time of year, come plenty of parties and get-togethers. We spend a lot of time preparing our meals, wrapping gifts, and decking the halls. One thing is for sure, we also need to make time to ensure that we look and feel our holiday best.

Attending those holiday parties and get-togethers can be a lot of fun. In fact, it is one of my favourite parts about these cold winter months. I love to spend time with my family and friends, laughing and sharing stories over a cup of hot chocolate, or sipping a cocktail and singing carols around a fire.

No matter what activities we are participating in together, it’s always a blast. In anticipation of all the festive shindigs, I like to ensure that I look and feel my best. That way, I am ready to party and holiday party ready! Read on for a few tips to help you get holiday party ready for the holiday season.

Let's Get Started!

1. Pick Your Outfits Ahead of Time

Choosing your outfit in advance of the party is a great way to ensure that you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off. One that is scrambling to find something to wear.

Organize your shoes, purse or clutch and accessories too! This helps to avoid any mismatching or hunting for that missing shoe.

If you have more than one event, make sure you do the same thing for all of them. You can hang them up in the closet and line up your shoes too. That way, all you do is grab and go.

2. Choose a Hairstyle

Having to think about a cute and fancy hairstyle last minute is no fun. In fact, it can be a bit stressful. But, if you go online and search up new holiday looks or stick to what works and prepare, you’re golden.

Make sure you have the right hair products and accessories that you’ll need ahead of time.

While you’re at it, touch up your highlights or roots at least a week ahead. It takes hair colour one week to settle! Plus, time your haircuts according to the time you have until the party.

A good trim and nothing too drastic is always a safe bet! If you have bangs, get them done a week ahead of time so they don’t look freshly cut but, natural.

3. Exfoliate and Moisturize

Don’t go overboard with exfoliating and use a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Once or twice a week should do the trick to slough away all those dead skins cells.

Using a good moisturizer on your entire body afterward is a must. Over the colder months, your skin can get dry and flakey.

Keep it moisturized with a good moisturizer to achieve smooth and supple skin.

Skintimate Skin Therapy shaving cream and two Hydro Silk razors with Hydro Silk replacements.

4. Skip the Waxing

While waxing can give you smooth skin, it can also cause redness and swelling on some people. For holiday parties, the best thing to do is to shave for the best results.

Schick has a new line of disposable razors called Schick Quattro YOU available in Peace of Mind for Sensitive Skin and Exotic Violet Blooms.

The Schick Quattro YOU features SmoothProtect blades, these are four ultra-thin blades for incredible closeness and fewer nicks and cuts. The Quattro YOU are perfect for your holiday beauty prep!

You can use it with Schick Skintimate shaving gel and your legs will thank you for the added moisture.

Since they are disposable, they’re great to take with you if you are getting ready at a friend’s house. That way, if you forget it, you have more at home.

They are available at most major grocery, drug, and mass retail outlets across Canada for a suggested retail price of $8.99. Amazing and affordable. Now you can wear that cocktail dress with confidence!

A teal Schick Intuition razor sits on a bath tub, ready to be used.

5. Invest in a Good Long-Term Razor

A good razor makes all the difference! You don’t need to forgo that gorgeous short cocktail dress just because the colder months are here. Your legs don’t need to hibernate as long as you have a quality razor to shave with. If you know me, I am a huge fan of the Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor. I’ve been this razor using since I can remember.

It contains Vitamin E and Aloe and is fantastic for sensitive skin. Since it has a Skin Conditioning Solid to moisturize while you shave, there is no need for shave gel. SCORE! I especially love the pivoting head that glides with the curves of my body.

It really helps to reduce irritation and I get every nook and cranny. The four blades make for a precise, close shave and the ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip offers comfort and control while I shave, making it easier to avoid nicks.

The major thing is that whether you’re a disposable kind of a girl or a long-term kinda girl, it works.

While I’ve tried many hair removal options, I always have my Schick Intuition because it fits my busy lifestyle.

I don’t need to have shaving cream and I shave in the shower and go. I like the convenience and that’s why I invest in this system.

6. Cut Down on The Salt

Eating a lot of salt can make you look and feel bloated. Cut some of the salt out of your diet prior to the party and you are sure to feel party ready. If you do love your salty snacks, just make sure you are drinking plenty of water. You can flush out the extra and your skin will glow too!

7. Get a Mani/Pedi

Getting your nails done can make you feel ready to conquer the world. You can even get cute holiday designs on them to show off your Christmas spirit.

Consider getting a gel manicure that is known to last longer. You can get a classy and formal design that you can wear during the holiday parties and into New Year’s Eve.

8. Treat Your Feet

If you are planning to slip your feet into peep-toe shoes or strappy heels, you’re going to want to prep your feet. If you can’t swing a pedicure, you can do it at home.

Just remember to use a pumice stone, your favourite foot moisturizer and grab a pair of cotton socks. I usually pumice, moisturize and then put my socks on and go to sleep.

It’s a great treatment and my feet are so soft afterwards. Do this a couple times a week before holiday party season, you won’t regret it.

Make up, razors, and replacements are on top of a towel.

9. Make Your Make-Up Glow

One of the things I love about the holidays is that you can be as sparkly as you want! That includes making your face glow. One of the ways to capture the light wherever you go is to rock the highlighter.

You can apply it in a C-shape around the outer corner of the eyes, your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, chin and brow bones. You can even go further and add a little sparkle to your clavicle to make that strapless number pop.

Add a little sparkle or a fun pop of colour to the inner corner of the eyes to open up your eyes. I usually opt for a white or a beige with sparkles.

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To be really holiday party ready, go for a strong lip if you aren’t playing up your eyes with a dramatic look. If you have a dramatic look, choose a nude for your lips. You will look amazing!

You want to look and feel your best in time for the Holidays and with these tips, now you can. So, go forth, drink, eat, and be merry–and don’t forget to deck the halls too!

For more information about Schick and the amazing razors that they offer, visit them at Schick.ca!

How do you get yourself holiday party ready?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Note: This post is sponsored by Schick Canada. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


An Asian girl smiles happily and looks to the right, while holding her hair and wearing a red dress. A banner below reads, "9 Health and Beauty Tips to Get Yourself Holiday Party Ready!"

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  2. I am always excited when Christmas season begins. Parties are everywhere. I must say that choosing the right clothes and a perfect hairstyle are the hardest part. Thank for sharing I have earn a lot.

  3. I think these are all great ideas. Getting ready for the holidays can be stressful. I love all these great ways to get yourself ready.

  4. Hmm I’ve never thought about the cutting down on salt angle before! Makes sense. No one wants to be all bloated the night of a fun holiday event!

  5. I have a holiday party coming up, fortunately it is right after the holidays so I have a little time to prep and relax. I will definitely use some of these tips!

  6. Those are some great tips! I never thought about the salt, I don’t typically use salt in my cooking, but I know now especially to knock it out during the holiday.

  7. Treating your feet is a must during the holiday season! It gets so cold and dry where I live and I love using my Amope Electronic Foot File. It’s so amazing!

  8. I just love these great tips for getting ready for a party! I have a number of parties coming up and I will remember these great ideas.

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