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The Secret of Glowing Skin in the Morning for Men

Man puts clay mask on his face and looks straight ahead.

The Secret of Glowing Skin in the Morning for Men

Many of us want to have healthy and glowing skin, but not so many people know how to achieve it. If you’re a man, it is even more difficult.

There is still not enough information about all your male grooming needs and rules. Read on if you are interested in how to make your skin look fresh and glowing in the morning.

Start Your Morning Skincare Routine at Night

Men’s skin releases twice more sebum than women. Sebum is a yellowish, oily, and slightly waxy substance produced by human skin. Apart from it, our pores get clogged by dead skin cells, dust, and dirt.

You need to clean your face from the oil and dirt that clogs your pores and makes your skin look unhealthy.

It might be tempting to wash your face with hand soap or shower gel at night and go to sleep. The results might not be what you are hoping for.

Know Your Skin

If you want to maintain a healthy, youthful glow, choose a cleanser or a special face soap that suits your skin type.

There are four of them: normal, dry, oily, and combination skin.

You might even need help from a dermatologist or cosmetologist to determine your skin type and which products you have to use.

Choose the Right Products

Choose a gentle face soap if you have normal skin. Sweet, strong smells many cleansers have might be appealing, but it’s better to avoid such products.

Choose the ones that have very neutral scents. Don’t be afraid to buy soaps that smell slightly like medications or ointments; they are also ok.

Dry skin needs a lot of nourishment. Choose the soaps that contain plant butter and oils (argan oil, tea leaf oil, or coconut butter will be perfect) or glycerin.

Never use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid (and basically any acid), alcohol, or sodium lauryl sulfate. These elements irritate and damage dry skin.

Consider applying nourishing face masks from time to time. They will moisturize your skin and make it look shiny.

Oily skin is also very demanding. But there is a considerable advantage of having it. People with oily skin get wrinkles much later than others. This type of skin releases a lot of sebum, so using a cleanser that contains oily elements will clog your pores. You should also avoid soaps that contain alcohol.

In contrast to dry skin type, this one likes acids. The products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acid will be the best.

Consider using oil-absorbing sheets during your day if your face looks too shiny. They don’t occupy a lot of space, and you can take them everywhere.

By using them, they can improve the look of your skin in a couple of seconds.

Combination skin is when some areas of your face are oily, and others- dry. If it’s your skin type, none of the products you use should contain any harsh or skin-irritating ingredients.

You might even need to contact a dermatologist who would help you choose the best face cleanser.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Have you ever kept track of how many times per day you touch your face? Once you start noticing it, you will get very surprised that you do it very often.

After we touch our phone, chairs in public transportation, put coins into a vending machine, there’s millions of bacteria on our hands.

Our facial skin is very delicate and vulnerable. It’s better to keep our hands away from it.

Eat Healthily

The look of your skin depends on what you eat. Don’t expect to have healthy skin if you eat fatty or sugary products too often.

Fast food and fizzy drinks are also a direct way to acne and excessive sebum.

Dairy and non-organic meat can change the hormonal balance in your organism because they may contain hormones and antibiotics. This also leads to acne.

Here is the list of products to avoid if you want to have healthy skin:

  • Alcohol
  • Everything deep fried
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Milk chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Smoked fish
  • Soda
  • Trans fats
  • Animal fat
  • Sugar

The Bottom Line

Keeping a skincare routine is not easy. Once you know your skin type and choose proper cleaning and nourishing products, it will become a pleasant habit.

Remember that in order to have healthy skin, you need a complex approach that involves daily hygiene and a healthy diet.

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There are many other things you can do to make your facial skin look good. I hope this list comprises the essential steps from which you should start your way to better skin.

What are some tips you have for glowing skin in the morning?

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