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Why the Sonicsmooth is the Holy Grail of Skincare

A hand holding the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System, cleanser and treatment, the charger stand, replacement blades, and a sign that says, "Hello Beautiful, " is seen.

Why the Sonicsmooth is the Holy Grail of Skincare

If you know me, skincare is a passion. I am in my mid-thirties and I am quite aware that with maturing skin, I need to be consistent in what I do to it.

I’m going to let you in on one of my BIGGEST skincare secrets. One that I absolutely swear by.

What is it?

It’s dermaplaning, y’all.

Yes, taking a blade and scraping it against my skin. It may sound crazy and a little bit scary, right?

But, the glow, oh my god, the GLOW you are left with is incredible.

Also, I, like I’m sure many of you worried that my hair would come in thicker and more noticeable.

Believe me, it was one of my biggest worries. That is, until I jumped in headfirst and never looked back.

It’s a common misconception. Your hair does grow back. EXACTLY how it was before!

Dermaplaning is a godsend because it not only gives you a glowing complexion, it helps your skin be able to absorb all your lotions and potions (I have TONS) better.

With no vellus hairs (fuzzies) or dead skin cells, your make up will be FLAWLESS.

The downside?

The price.

It can get quite pricey when it comes to getting this procedure done at the spa. I get it done every 6 weeks or so.

There had to be a solution that I could do at home, right?

Yep, there totally is and I’ve partnered with Michael Todd Beauty to share its magic with you all.

Read on to discover why the Sonicsmooth is the holy grail of skincare.

Close up of the Sonicsmooth tool, charging stand, cleanser, and treatment gel. You can see a coral in the background.

1. It Saves You Money

The 2-month Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System is $99.00.

Right now, it’s on sale for $69.00. I was spending at least $160 per session every 6 weeks.

To me, being able to get amazing results at home, while saving money is a huge win.

2. It’s Easy to Use

Let’s start off by saying that I am a skincare enthusiast. I have done my own research when it comes to taking care of my skin.

I do not have any experience whatsoever when it comes to dermaplaning. Especially with the treatment done in spa.


The Sonicsmooth is incredibly easy to use and I mean, it just takes holding your skin taut and running the tool up and down in smooth motions.

You hold the unit at a 45-degree angle and use feather-like strokes. It comes with a cleanser that will completely prep your skin (you may feel a little dry) and then a treatment gel to use right after.

Plus, it’s cord-free, so you’re not tethered to a cord.

You can check out my IGTV video above to see the Sonicsmooth in action.

Close up of Sonicsmooth blade, cleanser, treatment gel, charging stand, replacement, blades, a sign that says, "Hello Beautiful," and a white coral is pictured.

3. Gets the job done painlessly

One of the cool features is the Sonicsmooth’s 3 speeds. It has 15, 480 movements, to be exact.

With 3 speeds, you can find the level of vibration that is comfortable for you. I was afraid I would nick myself but, nope!

Plus, changing the blade is simple. You use a sliding system that helps you clip on the new blade securely.

4. It Gives You a GLOW people notice

It uses sonic technology to clear away dead skin cells and vellus hair. Having tried spa-level dermaplaning and then doing it myself, I can tell you I was shocked by the results.


But, totally in a good way. I wish I would have found this much, much, sooner. Plus, you can do it weekly and always have a fresh face. Opposed to having to wait longer due to the price of dermaplaning at the spa.

I don’t wear makeup often (I prefer a fresh face) but, when I do…

Girl, do I glow!

I notice my serums are absorbed much better too. My skin is more supple, soft, and bright.

5. Brightens Your Complexion

A benefit of dermaplaning is that since a layer of skin is being scraped off, your complexion is brightened. It is also said to increase collagen production and that’s always a good thing.

7. Helps You Achieve Snatched Brows

This is a little bonus for me. I wax my brows, so my brow hair grows on the top of my eyebrows.

With the Sonicsmooth, I was able to get in nice and close to shape the top of my brows.

It’s a great way to keep your wax job looking good in between treatments.

6. It’s a Game-Changer

If you’re like me and truly enjoy skincare, you’ll love adding the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System to your routine. You only have to do it once a week and the results are incredibly worth it.

Not gonna lie, I kinda look forward to doing it.

I’ve always loved getting it done but, then there was the awkward regrowth stage in between treatments. I didn’t like the fuzz coming back.

Picture of me in my bathroom using the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning system on my forehead.

Get yours

For me, the BIGGEST benefit is that I not only see a difference in my skin but, I get the most out of the products that I spend good money on.

It really is a game-changer and a holy grail product that you need in your skincare arsenal.

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Make sure you head over to Micheal Todd Beauty for more information. It’s life-changing, so if it changes yours, let me know!

I’ve tried many products when it comes to skincare. This is one that I can honestly and wholeheartedly say I can no longer live without.

Have you ever tried dermaplaning?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A hand holding the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System, cleanser and treatment, the charger stand, replacement blades, and a sign that says, "Hello Beautiful, " is seen. A banner reads, "Reasons Why the Sonicsmooth is the Holy Grail of Skincare."

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  1. I use a dermaplaning for several months now and love it. I couldn’t believe all the stuff that came off my face the first time I used it. I don’t have one like yours and was thinking about getting one like that. Thanks for the review.

  2. This sounds like such a great gadget! I have to admit I really need to start looking after my skin as it is a nightmare, so I will be looking to see if this could help me.

  3. I have to look into getting this. It looks like it would be perfect to add to my spring skincare routine.

  4. I’ve never tried dermaplaning-mainly because of the price. This sounds like a great way to get good results for a good price.

  5. This sounds like an amazing product to use. I will definitely let my wife know about this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I need this but to be honest my teenage daughters need it even more than I do. Their skin fluctuates with hormones so I know they’d be all over this as a skin care routine. Plus this brand Michael Todd has a great reputation.

  7. It’s my first time to hear about it and it sounds like a great facial gadget for me to try, will definitely checking this out.

  8. I love me some Michael Todd Beauty! I have most all of their products. I love this beauty tool and the Soniclear is the best device ever!!!!

  9. Babushka has never heard of this procedure and wonders how it effects the skin of us babyboomers. Will definitely be looking into this; gracias for the intro.

  10. I’ve been really curious about dermaplaning. I’d love to get one of these, I’ll have to see if they ship to Canada because I can’t get across the border to get to my mailbox.

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