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Roadtrippin’ with ProClip USA Jeep Accessories

A 2020 Jeep Wrangler is parked in front of the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia, ON.

Roadtrippin’ with ProClip USA Jeep Accessories

The times that are we are living in have been tough for everyone. There have been cancellations of everything, and as a parent, a lot has been flipped upside down.

From vacations to sports, we have been trying to keep busy in new and different ways.

One of the biggest things that we have been doing is a lot more driving. Whether it’s to a local bakery or planning day trips and staycations. All while staying pretty close to home.

In fact, this is the perfect time to do it. Summer is halfway through but, since we will be distance learning, we will be taking our own field trips to do different types of learning. That means we will be exploring all-year-round.

Close of Jeep keys on a table. There is a keychain that says, "Born in Raised in South Detroit."

Get on the Road

Since we are spending more time in the car, we needed to make the most of it! If you’ve been following along, we love ProClip USA in our house. We have a phone holder for our Dodge Challenger, and it makes GPS, making calls, and streaming music a breeze.

When I had the chance to collab with them again, I was more than happy to share how ProClip USA has made it possible for us to reclaim a little bit of our freedom. On top of that, to make new memories and capture them on the way.

Honestly, ProClip makes driving more enjoyable, and as a mom and a creative, I spend a lot of time driving.

A close up of the ProClip Center Dash Mount, with a standard phone holder, and GoPro Adapter. One of many ProClip USA Jeep Accessories.

Memories: Captured

To accessorize my Jeep and make it work for me, we installed a Jeep Center Dash Mount to mount my ProClip Standard Phone Holder for my Android phone and an adapter for my GoPro.

With road trips, not only do I use GPS, but I stream my music and take phone calls. I can’t say enough positive things about this ProClip phone holder, it is made for your vehicle, and being hands-free is truly priceless when it comes to safety.

I love using the GoPro to capture the beautiful places we drive through, and I often miss while driving. It’s fun to rewatch those memories, and you can keep them for a lifetime.

You can see our entire adventure in the video above. You’ll see footage directly from my GoPro and how steady it is when it’s mounted on my ProClip Center Dash mount. You’ll see all of our ProClip USA Jeep accessories in the video.

It’s mounted with a quick release dock with a 15mm release tab. It makes is so easy to attach and remove.

A close up of the ProClip iPad Headrest Mount for a 2020 Jeep Wrangler.

Entertainment? It’s Covered.

We installed an Apple iPad Medium Universal Tablet Holder for our iPad. It securely attaches to the back of my headrest, and it keeps Mimi busy and entertained during long drives.

This is the perfect holder if you have any tablet that is 7 to 10 inches. It fits with or without a case (mine has a case), and it rotates between portrait and landscape mode.

It has plenty of room to attach the charger too, so when the battery is low, you can charge without interruption. Plus, it’s easy to slip in and out with the spring action corner. Even Mimi does it with no problem.

Mimi looks up at the Bluewater Bridge, while a red Jeep is in the background. This is part of roadtrippin' with ProClip USA Jeep Accessories.

Hello, Sarnia!

We packed up the cooler and hit the road. We went to Sarnia, a small town in Ontario that borders Port Huron, Michigan. It’s a beautiful place and known as Ontario’s Blue Coast because of the turquoise waters.

An interior view of the inside of the Jeep 2020. It's equipped with ProClip USA Jeep Accessories. A Center Dash Mount, standard phone holder, and a GoPro adapter.

GPS—Where Am I Going?

Since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I used my GPS all the way there and back. Having my phone right in my line of sight was invaluable. I can still be directed to where I need to go without being distracted.

Our first stop was the Bluewater Bridge. It connects the USA and Canada. There is also Centennial Park, with plenty of green spaces to enjoy.

Of course, there’s the absolutely breathtaking waterfront. You can spend some time watching ships and sailboats whiz on by.

What I love about the ProClip Center Dash Mount is that it is heavy-duty. It is cohesive with my Jeep’s design and is secured onto the dash as if it’s a part that came with my rig.

I can attach my phone holder, and it’s sturdy enough to mount my tablet if I wanted to. The best part? I don’t have to drill it into my dash, no holes, no fuss—just convenience.

Mike Weir park and one of it's many shore beaches. A large tree overlooks a small beach, swimmer are nearby. A view we saw during our roadtrip with ProClip USA Jeep accessories.
Lily growing next to Lake Huron. During our roadtrip with ProClip USA Jeep accessories.
Nancy's feet on top of rocks in Bright's Grove. The waves are crashing into the rocks.
Darasak and Mimi on the beach, skipping rocks. Roadtrippin' with ProClip USA Jeep Accessories.
Gabby and her Abuelito posing ont he beach, they are both smiling.
Mimi stands on Contara Beach in Sarnia, ON.

Good Times and Tan Lines

The beach was calling, and we answered its call. If it hadn’t been for current global events, we wouldn’t have explored more of the beauty close to home.

Like the beaches in Sarnia, it reminds me of Bahamian beaches. Well, if I dream a little, but it has been great seeing the kids off of devices and into the wild. A bit like how we grew up, right?

My soul truly needed to get out and breathe in the fresh air. After going months with not seeing my parents, it was a blessing to take them out too. I hope they know that those are memories that we will always treasure.

Three generations sitting and admiring the beautiful gardens in Southwestern Ontario.
Mimi sitting on a tree stump and looking away.
A water lily or lotus in a field. One surprise stop on the way home.
Mimi standing in a tree. After an amazing road trip in Sarnia, ON.
The sun setting on Mitchell's Bay. The last stop of our road trip.

A Day Well Spent

Towards the evening, we stopped by a small oasis of a garden. We had a picnic supper, relaxed, and spent time enjoying the grounds. We then hit the road again and stopped by Mitchell’s Bay to watch the sunset.

It was an amazing day trip, and we are already planning our next one. Since we’ve decided to keep our kids home for school, we will be going on field trips. They’ll be based on the programs they’re learning but mixed in with real-life experiences.

Great for the girls, and better for us big kids who want to hit the road too. With ProClip USA Jeep accessories in our rig, we’re set.

A Ford Escape and a Jeep Wrangler parked at one of Sarnia's beaches.  The jeep is equipped with ProClip USA Jeep accessories.

Got ProClip?

If you already purchased your ProClip USA Jeep Accessories, well, you’re ahead of the game. One thing I will tell you is that installation is incredibly easy.

Watch the video above for a walk-through. Darasak and I show you how to install all the pieces that we use in our Jeep.

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The inside of Nancy's Jeep Wrangler. It's equipped with ProClip Jeep Accessories.

For more information, visit ProClip USA. They have holders, mounts, and accessories for almost every device and vehicle.

So, if you don’t have a Jeep, it’s all good! Just search up your model and make, device type, and you’re golden!

Which ProClip USA accessory do you think you’d enjoy the most?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.
A banner reads, "How to Up Your Road Trip Game with ProClip USA," surrounding it is a collage of Jeep pics, showing both the interior, exterior, and accessories. This post shares how we went roadtrippin' with ProClip USA accessories.

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