4 Travel Fashion Essentials For Your Next Getaway

Woman lays on the beach while holding on to her blue beach hat.

Travel Fashion Essentials For Your Next Getaway

Whether you’re hitting the beach or hitting the trails, a getaway is something that everyone should look forward to. In the days before departure, it is best to get the essential fashion items you need squared away so that you can focus on setting up all the fun stops of your journey. Whether you’re packing for three weeks or three months, knowing what to bring with you can seriously boost the quality of your trip.

Woman sits by the water and looks to the side, hat hides her face.

A Hat When Heading Out

A hat is an easy way to add a variable to your getaway look. In fact, hats are an important accessory when it comes to getaway fashion. Pick up a sunhat for the beach or for a day at the orchard. Grab a bucket hat when your trip leads you onto a fishing boat or stock up on rugged baseball caps for your hiking adventures.

Like sunglasses, hats are easy to pack. Most will fit into a carry-on, but why do that when you can just wear it onto the plane? The right hat on the right outfit can really kick your look up to the next level.

Woman sits in the background on a bench while a pair of sunglasses is the main focus.

Sunglasses for Outdoor Adventuring

As any traveler knows, the sun can be your worst enemy. When you’re trying to squeeze every last minute out of the day, it can be easy to forget the things you need to stay comfortable. Sunglasses are an easy choice for any getaway because they’re compact, easy to store, and always stylish.

When traveling to any outdoor destination, be it a hiking trail or the beach, sunglasses are an absolute necessity. The sun’s harmful rays can do damage to your eyes if they’re left unprotected, and wearing sunglasses is an easy way to prevent this. Plus, you’ll look great, and sunglasses are super easy to take onto an airplane with you!

A woman stands in front of the door, only her lower half is visible, she is wearing sneakers.

Good Shoes for Walking Easy

Most getaways require some form of on-foot transportation. When traveling around the U.S. or anywhere else, a good pair of boots is always on the must-have list. Footwear is essentially determined by what your getaway entails; a beach trip calls from some sandals, while a night in downtown Nashville requires something a bit more stylish. Picking a fitting pair of boots or shoes is an easy way to boost your look. Getting the right kind of shoe is easy and affordable, and your feet will thank you.

A woman shows off her belt, her legs and face aren't shown, just middle section.

A Belt for Tightening Up Your Wardrobe

A belt is not just for utility; it can be a majorly fashionable item. The right belt around the right top or around the right pant waist can be a game-changer. Belts come in all shapes and sizes, from the ones you’d never see tucked under a blouse, to the giant, around-the-waist belts that make up a whole outfit. The size and style of the belt will depend on what your getaway has in store for you. A hiking trip may require the traditional leather option, as you want your outdoor clothing secured tightly to your body.

Looking your best is just another way to enjoy your getaway. Accessories and special items can make or break your travel packing, as well as your look. Being conscious of what to bring will greatly improve the quality of your trip.

What do YOU pack to stay stylish when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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