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Holiday Inn Express: Delicious, Warm Breakfast and An Express Start! Stay in a Beautiful Room and Get Complimentary Breakfast Everyday of Your Stay!

The entrance of a Holiday Inn Express in Ohio.

Holiday Inn Express.

Start your day with an Express but, tasty breakfast! Holiday Inn breakfast starts at about 7:00 AM and ends at 11:00 AM. It differs per location and during the weekend it is from 6:30 AM to 12:00. 

If you followed our stay at the Holiday Inn Express in May, you’ll see that we discovered that staying at the Holiday Inn is not only affordable it is quality. We enjoyed our suite and we definitely took advantage of their amenities. Most of all, we enjoyed how well taken care of this property was.

The Holiday Inn Express Breakfast area.

Express Start.

When you travel with a family, you want to get bang for your buck. That doesn’t go to say that even though we travel as a family we don’t enjoy indulging and taking advantage of amazing cuisine and luxuries. But, it never, ever hurts to have complimentary breakfast at your hotel. It saves times, it saves money and it’s even better when it is delicious!

The Holiday Inn Breakfast area with coffee, teas, and juices ready to be served.


The Holiday Inn Express in North Fremont, Ohio had a delicious breakfast ready for us and it was served until 9:30 A.M. They offered different roasts of coffee, tea, and breakfast juices. Whether you wanted to stay and take a seat in the lovely breakfast dining room or take it to go, you had the option.

The Holiday Inn Express breakfast area, bananas, pastries, and jams are stocked for guest to enjoy.


Muffins, toast, danishes, English muffins, fruit, jams, and cream cheeses. You name it, you definitely have a choice and whether you’re really hungry or have a small appetite–you will be satisfied.

A cereal dispenser with Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and Rice Krispies at the Holiday Inn Breakfast bar.


If you’re more of a cereal person, they have your favorites as well as a fridge full of fresh milk and yogurt. If you are more of a sweets type of person, Holiday Inn Express has their delicious cinnamon rolls that they could barely keep stocked.

The Holiday Inn famous cinnamon rolls is pictured on a plate.

Oh So Good!

Their Cinnamon Rolls were so delicious, soft, warm and gooey. I know many people have told me about the Holiday Inn cinnamon rolls. They said if you’re staying at the Holiday Inn, get their rolls! They had to keep making more because they sold like hot cakes. Do you like hotcakes? They had them too and you can make your own!

A pancake making machine at the Holiday Inn Express breakfast area.

Make Your Own!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try to make my own pancakes because when I got downstairs they had run out of batter and had gone to restock it. I did, however, see the deliciousness that came out of this machine on other people’s plates. I thought it was so cool and it was my top choice but, I will have to make them next time I stay at the Holiday Inn.

A plate of Holiday Inn Breakfast with eggs, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and more.

Breakfast is Served.

I ended up with a delicious cheese omelet, English Muffin with cream cheese, milk and a Cinnamon Roll to end it a great Express Start. All Holiday Inn Express patrons can start off with a delicious and warm breakfast everyday with complimentary breakfast with every stay!

Just another reason why Holiday Inn Express rocks, it’s no wonder the North Fremont has a 4.5-star rating!

Have you ever had their signature Cinnamon Rolls or Pancakes?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




Check out Holiday Inn Express' Complimentary Breakfast, served fresh, hot, every day! Try their signature Cinnamon Rolls and Pancakes. Choose Holiday Inn Express. We come for the Holiday Inn breakfast alone. #familytravel

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  1. I stayed at the Southside Edmonton location once and had a great time. I love the breakfast!
    My recent post Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Delight #Fibre1ACD

  2. Pancake machine?? Oh, I'd love to try that…usually I'm happy when a continental breakfast has waffle machines!

  3. Yes, I did know that. We had to stay at a Cambridge Ontario Holiday Inn Express (or outside Guelph) anyways it had this delicious breakfast and it was really nice too. I was very impressed. The breakfast wasn't cheesy and small – it was substantial! I loved that they had this yummy economical breakfast.

  4. Looks great! We've stayed at the Holiday Inn and really enjoyed it, so I'd try out the Holiday Inn Express too. I love having breakfast right there at the hotel, especially in a strange city. I'm a wake up and eat type person, so not having to look for breakfast is great. 🙂

  5. We love the Holiday Inns and when we travel we usually stay at one. Their complimentary breakfast cannot be beat and the kids like that they can choose what they like. Holiday Inns do have the best cinnamon rolls!!!

  6. My daughter stayed there for 9 days while doing an out of City course and she was so impressed with the service and the breakfast options

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  8. Does anyone know where theyy purchase the cinnamon rolls and are they available for public purchase ? They are really good and we wanted them for a family reunion function.

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