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Visit Cuba: Rum, Delicious Cuisine, & More


Cuba: Rum and Romance

A vacation to Cuba is the perfect opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and smells of everything this Latino-Caribbean island has to offer. That includes the local food, the world renowned Cuban rum, as well as those unforgettable salsa rhythms. Meld all these things together and you have the makings of an ultimate romantic getaway you’ll never forget.

Rich Cuban Cuisine

One of the top reasons people enjoy a vacation in another country is the chance to sample the local fare. Cuba has a rich history filled with a variety of popular food dishes sure to please your taste buds. Black beans and rice is a staple in Cuba, but the dish is absolutely loaded with flavor and spices. Other popular foods include green banana meat pie, chicken with rice, gumbo, okra, plantains and citrus fruits. Pork and beef are served often in Cuban cuisine, but its proximity to the ocean also makes seafood an abundant choice. Custard and tropical fruit sorbets are common desserts in Cuba.

Vibrant Cuban Music

Cuba holidays are a great chance to immerse yourself in the local music scene in Havana and other Cuban hotspots. Whether you’re listening in an ocean side bar or are tuning in on your hotel sound system, the music on the island is a great way to enhance your romantic getaway. Mambo and salsa music are both plentiful across the island and are perfect choices if you want to dance the night away. Drums, tambourines, maracas, claves and marimbulas are traditional instruments that make up musical scores of many types of Cuban music and you will often find impromptu gigs spring up on the streets of the capital and all over the island: perfect for watching with your partner as the sun goes down.

Numerous Dance Styles

Along with common types of music found in Cuba, there are dances that go along with them. For example, rumba and salsa have matching styles of dancing that are popular all over the world, but seeing and experiencing the steps in Cuba is another thing entirely. Take some classes before you leave or join the locals to learn how to execute the moves while you’re on your Cuban vacation. You will also find merengue, cha cha and samba going down in the clubs here, so there really is no excuse not to kick off your shoes and join in!

The Famous Cuban Rum

Rum is as plentiful in Cuba as cigars are. Check with customs before trying to carry any back across the border, but be sure to sample every rum the island has to offer while you’re there: Havana Club Seven Years Old, Ron Santiago 45 Aniversario and Bacardi are top choices. Check out rum distilleries or simply make your way from bar to bar, tasting all the local offerings.

There’s no doubt about it: Cuba offers a rhythmic, romantic trip that will be unlike any other. So sit back with a cold Cuba Libre in your hand and let the waves of Cuban salsa wash over you, you might just find this Caribbean island is worth a second visit.

Have you ever been to Cuba?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Awww.. I was just talking to my husband about taking a trip to Cuba during Spring Break with the kids; loved your post and ideas and the picture is stunning; thanks for sharing, can't wait to go

  2. I've never been to cuba but I really want to go! I have met a few people from Cuba and they have such amazing stories to tell about living in Cuba and the rich culture. I would love to see it myself.

  3. I have never been to Cuba! I would just love to escape the brutal cold, though. Sounds good to me!!
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  4. My Canadian cousins have always gone to Cuba for their vacations. I don't follow the news that closely and didn't know that Americans were allowed to go their now. I would definitely love to vacation there!

  5. Cuba is definitely one of the best trips I have ever taken!!
    I enjoyed it so much more than both Jamaica and Mexico. We were in Havana, and then Caya Coco. I loved the culture, but mostly the people were just amazing to us. We actually knew people from there, so we had a different kind of experience than most tourists. Would LOVE to go back.

    My favourite rum was the Havana Club Anejo kind.

  6. I have been to Cuba three times and absolutely love it! The culture is incredible. All three trips were to different parts of the island. First – Varadero. Second – a small town about 30 kms down the highway from Havana where there are only 3 resorts. The resort offered free shuttles to and from Havana daily and we took full advantage of that. Havana is an INCREDIBLE city. The third trip, we flew into Cienfuegos which is on the southern side of the island and stayed in an all inclusive beach resort about a half hour drive to the airport. This resort was close to the oldest city in Cuba – Trinidad (yes, same name as another Caribbean island). This city was SO rich in history and ART! Galleries everywhere. It is even older than Havana with cobblestone streets and amazing churches and architecture. I absolutely LOVE Cuba and can't wait to go back some day!

  7. Have been fortunate enough to visit Cuba three times. First and third time were Cayo Santa Maria. Married my amazing hubby there almost eight years ago and visited again last year with our two kids. Varadero for my cousins wedding was the second trip. The thing that I love about Cuba the most is the people. They are truly grateful for life, love to tell you about their families and are just as interested in hearing about yours. In Cayo Santa Maria in particular the people we met were all wonderful. We hope to visit again in a few years!

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