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Get Informed & Learn How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

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Learn How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Did you know that cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable? Last year, 640 women in Ontario were diagnosed with cervical cancer and an estimated 150 died from the disease. But, with regular screening, appropriate and timely follow-up of abnormal results and HPV immunization–cervical cancer may never be your reality.

Being a woman myself, there is a lot that I’ve had to learn about cervical cancer. Especially how to protect myself. I didn’t know that most cervical cancers are diagnosed in women who have never been screened or have not been screened regularly.

To be honest; I am due to get screened. The more I researched, I discovered that women aged 21 to 69 should get screened for cancer with a Pap test every three years.

Cancer Care Ontario surveyed women in and Ontario in regards to cervical cancer. Forty-nine percent of women (including myself) didn’t know that cervical cancer is almost completely preventable.

It came as a surprise to me to find out that three-quarters of Ontario women hold the incorrect belief that a Pap test detects sexually-transmitted infections. In fact, a Pap test is a simple screening test that can help prevent cervical cancer.

Get Informed

The tests itself checks for abnormal cervical cell changes. It doesn’t test for other cancers in the reproductive organs, like ovarian cancer or for STD’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

I think one of the most important things to do to prevent cervical cancer is to get informed and keep up to date with check-ups!

I know that life gets busy. Going to get tested is probably the last thing most of us want to do, right? But, I’m positive that there are people in your life who love you and will appreciate that you are staying healthy for yourself and them. I know that I do it for my kids, husband and myself.

As I’ve mentioned, I have to practice what I preach and get checked. To be quite frank, this has lit a fire under me. Most diagnosed cases of cervical cancers are in women who are overdue or who have not had a pap test.

So ladies, get tested!

A graphic says, "Screening is the only way to detect the changes that lead to cervical cancer."

This April, Cancer Care Ontario has partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention and the importance of getting screened. So, be sure to call your doctor to book your Pap test today.

Visit www.cancercare.on.ca/paptest to learn more about the campaign or to find a clinic near you.

Did YOU know that cervical cancer could be prevented?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. This is one of those things that flies under the radar. THanks for the heads up and great reminder.

  2. I think every woman needs to educate themselves about this. It could save your life in the long run. I have had 2 really good friends die from this type of cancer from being uninformed.

  3. Great post. Full of lots of informative details on the importance of getting a regular PAP test. No one likes to go to the doctor, but it could save your life.

  4. Prevention will always be better than cure. I love that you're raising awareness on this, because we really have to make sure we get tested. Especially since this form of cancer is preventable. There's nothing wrong with making an effort to improve your health, right? I hope this post reaches a lot of women. It's important that we take care of ourselves.

  5. It's crucial to get a pap test. I had pre-cancerous cells and had them zapped, and went back for paps every 6 months at first, to every year. While I believe paps are only covered every three years, I still believe they should be covered every year. Prevention is key.

  6. I think I've never had an injection for cervical cancer, so glad that I found this post. Now I know the importance of this.

  7. My grandmother passed away from cervical cancer in 2002. Cervical cancer is really overlooked, it's so important to take preventative meausres and stay up to date on routine screens.

  8. It's surprising how many diseases can be prevented or more easily cured by early detection. Prevention is always the best but we need to make sure we stay on top of healthy check-ups to catch these things early. Thank you for the reminder.

  9. being informed and prevention is the key. I've had a number of family friends diagnosed with cervical cancer. And they said had they followed the preventative measures of regular check ups, they could have been saved the misery of fighting cervical cancer.

  10. Cervical cancer is so important to be informed about. I've recently tried to get myself more informed and this is very helpful! Could save some lives!

  11. Thank you for raising awareness of this issue. Prevention is so important and so is early detection.
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  12. very informative! i do the test also and keep tracking make sure everything is ok. I even do breast test as well, hehe

  13. This is so important. I've known quite a few women who've had unexpected cervical cancer.
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  14. This is one of those things that just seems to creep up on people out of nowhere. Thanks for helping raise awarenes.

  15. This is a great reminder for every woman. If you can detect something early, the chances of survival are better.

  16. I know so many women who have had their cervical cancer detected early through Pap smears. It is so important to get them as per the recommendations.

  17. Thank you for bringing attention to this, I’m pretty good at keeping up on my paps , better then keeping up at the dentist yo be honest. Its so important

  18. Thanks for putting this out there it needs to be talked about more often,we need to protect ourselves

  19. No one can protect us only ourselves,we need to keep up with yearly checkups and new problems need to be checked right away

  20. So many new cases of cervical cancer every year,we need to be so careful and get checkups yearly!

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