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Have Peace of Mind and Travel Safe with Allianz Travel Insurance

Girl Sits on Edge of Mountains. Travel safe with Allianz Insurance.

Travel Safe with Allianz Travel Insurance.

Many of you may know that our family has the wanderlust bug, we want to travel as much as we can. For example, we want to see new places, experience new things and food and learn all about culture along the way. This often means that we step out of our comfort zone and we feel better having peace of mind when we go on our next adventure.

Life happens. Whether something happens when you are on the road to adventure or it happens before you even take off. It is always best to be prepared for these circumstances.

Did you know that every year since 2009, Allianz Travel Insurance has conducted its Vacation Confidence Index Survey? The results were that more Americans will travel but, plan to spend less on their trips in 2015. Consumers want to save money on their summer travel and will book trips that offer the best possible value, as well as opportunities to utilize the sharing economy to save money.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

When you’re traveling, there are an infinite number of ways things can go wrong. You could lose your bag, catch the flu, crash your car or break your wrist falling off a camel. Travel insurance exists to protect you — and your travel investment — in a wide range of situations like these.

But one mistake people often make is thinking that travel insurance covers everything. It doesn’t. Travel insurance does not cover losses that arise from expected or reasonably foreseeable events or problems. For 7 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance, go here.


Peace of Mind.

Since we travel as a family most times, our greatest concern is safety. Since Allianz Global Assistance is a leading travel insurance company that provides travelers with financial protection and 24/7 travel assistance, you can bet that you are covered.  Luckily, most of our trips have gone off without a hitch but, it’s always best to be safe.

One time, due to illness, we couldn’t make our trip. What does this mean? Well, if you didn’t cover yourself beforehand, you’re out of luck. Unless you’ve entrusted Allianz Global Assistance first. They offer Allianz Travel Insurance products that will refund a customer’s pre-paid travel deposits if they have to cancel a trip for a reason covered by their policy. Their Travel Assistance team can help travelers with medical emergencies, travel snafus and more. Learn more and find a policy at AllianzTravelInsurance.com

Count on Allianz Travel Insurance.

Take a look at this funny video, it’s funny, well, because it’s tough learning the hard way. Hopefully, you will never have to. When we decide to take a trip, we always make sure that we are covered. It’s a must.

These are just a few ways that being prepared with Allianz Travel Insurance can help give you peace of mind. Like the video above, you just never know when you are going to need it. So, it’s always best to check the box for Allianz Travel Insurance. 

Do you purchase travel insurance when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



Note: Today’s post is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance through the Bloggy Moms Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. We travel often and I have never gotten travel insurance. I guess I have been lucky, but maybe I should get it next time.

  2. I used to not purchase it until we had a horrible experience and since then, we always purchase it. You really never know what will happen.

  3. I always purchase insurance when i travel. You never know when you are going to need it. I would rather have it and not use it then need it and not have it.

  4. I have hear horror stories of people traveling without insurance. To me that is like driving without insurance. No way i would ever do it.

  5. I've actually never thought about travel insurance but I can totally see the value. I'll have to think about it next time we go on a trip.

  6. Krystal is right, you just never know. We don't travel often, but I do always choose to get insurance, just in case.

  7. Travel insurance is definitely a good idea. You just never know what is going to happen or what could happen.

  8. Insurance is always a good thing to have, even if you feel like it's wasted money so often. Who can take that chance>?

  9. A friend of mine and her husband went on a trip and her husband had a Heart Attack and was in hospital for along time,they had to sell most everything they owned to pay the bills it was terrible.

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