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How to Style Your Bookcase & Mantle with Posterjack’s Gallery Box and Canvas from the Posterjack Art Shop! #12PrintsProject


How to Style Your Bookcase and Mantle.
With the help of Posterjack of course! 

May was a great month, the weather started to warm up, the grass got greener and my trees started to bloom. I have three trees in my back yard and they all blossom. They truly are the harbingers of Spring and when my two small pink cherry trees sprout with flowers I know that is Spring.

But, when my biggest white cherry tree blossoms, it is always a sight to see! I can see it right outside of my window every morning and I love watching the bumblebees weave through it and the birds making their nests.

For my May picture for the #12PrintsProject, I had to get up close and personal with the gorgeous flowers from my cherry tree. I thought it would be fitting to bring a little of the outside in and to help bring light to my dark basement.

Not to mention, to help me feel that same happiness I feel when I see it from my window or sit underneath it reading a book. Having it in one of my favorite places to relax and unwind is absolute perfection.



Bring the Outside In.

I chose one of Posterjack’s gorgeous Gallery Boxes. When it arrived, I was taken aback at how stunning it was. It really made my picture come to life and pop out of the frame. I wanted to keep my basement airy, light and inviting so, I chose a white frame to match the decor. The beautiful matte finish gives the print a simplistic but, modern look. What I absolutely adore is that I can look up and see my tree whenever I am snuggled on the couch reading a book or on a rainy day!

Not Just a Pretty Face:

Not only are Gallery Boxes stunning to look at, they are also made for longevity. When you order a Gallery Box, your photo will be printed directly onto a 1/4 inch hard, durable board. Even better, they are scratch-resistant and can even be wiped clean with a wet cloth. Does it get any better than that?


How to Style Your Bookcase.

I’m very simplistic when it comes to styling our home. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like pretty things either and while this bookcase holds books, it is a focal point for the room. While your bookcase should be filled with books, this is a more stylish way to display your favorites. I have a bookcase in my office that holds my whole collection and these are just for display. 

  1. Choose a master piece. Take a shot or use Posterjack’s Art Shop to find the perfect print to put in the center and above your bookcase. The Gallery Box is perfect to really make the print pop.
  2. Choose two main pieces of decor that you will put on both ends. I added the tied calla lilies to a white ceramic milk jug for height. The other side, I added a geometric piece to attract the eye.
  3. Add a clock, not only to tell time but, to compliment the rest of the space.
  4. Pick a gorgeous frame to display a small picture. I chose a Parisian style stone frame and it helped with the flow.
  5. Assemble your favorite books, it helps that they are pretty colors but, not necessary. Arrange them by size and stack them horizontally. You can add candle holders on top for extra flair or bling.
  6. Baskets/Crates are awesome for storing magazines or books in style.
  7. Faux books are great for storage and magazines. They look like a book but, are really boxes!

Have fun, the idea of styling your bookcase is to have it work for you. If you want to stack your books vertically, go for it and add your whole collection. But, always keep the flow with a center focal point and then a balance below it. Good luck!


Be Inspired.

Sometimes you are looking for THE perfect print and sometimes that picture isn’t in our arsenal of images. Luckily, Posterjack has their Art Shop that has an array of prints and potential masterpieces for your living or work spaces. Classic, Modern, Abstract, Luxe or whatever your style may be.

Our fireplace and den area is one of our favorite places in the house. It is welcoming, warm and comfortable. 

I wanted to bring life to our home and give our den a pop of color and an ode to a big part of my life. This very site–Whispered Inspirations. A force in my life that keeps me connected with like-minded people, afforded me amazing friendships and opportunities and so, so much more! I found the perfect illustration in the Posterjack Art Shop. An abstract shot of a dandelion fluff or blowballs as they are called. What attracted me was the pop of teal, our accent color of choice.


Art Shop Canvas.

I hung it over the fireplace as the main focal point. Not too shabby, huh? The Posterjack canvases are always high-quality. You can see my other creations, here. I chose the mirrored corners and I love how it looks from all angles.

Posterjack hand-stretches each canvas to perfection and ensure the corners are perfectly folded and tucked. They are custom-cut, kiln-dried Canadian basswood which, of course, comes from renewable forests.


Need Some Styling Tips?

I like to keep it simple but, there are a few unwritten rules to follow when it comes to decorating your mantle. So, dust off your mantle, find your favorite decor pieces and get ready to make it come to life.

  1. Find your anchor. I found my anchor in the Posterjack Art Shop.
  2. Pick two objects for weight on either sides. I chose a lantern and two candle holders with teal candles.
  3. In the middle, choose pieces as filler. I chose a piece of white coral, a silver lotus and a stone Parisian frame.


Ready for Summer!

June has been a great month so far, I can’t wait to share this month’s moment with you soon! I am loving the chance to take pictures and bringing warmth to our home through quality products. As always, thanks for joining me on this project, we are halfway there!

To make your own works of art or to get your own Art Shop design or Gallery Box, make sure you visit Posterjack.ca

Do you have any styling tips to show off your masterpieces?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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