Posterjack Canvas Prints: This Winter I Am Thinking Freedom and Serenity. #12PrintsProject


Posterjack Canvas Prints.

So, it is officially Spring but, in reality–it doesn’t feel like it all. February was not easy when it came to snow and bitter cold, I would say it was relentless. Whether it is hot or cold outside, the girls get cabin fever and even though it is freezing outside, we love going for nature walks. 

If you’ve been following along in my Posterjack journey, you’ll see that I added a little art to my office. This month, I looked to nature to inspire me. We bundled up, put our boots on and slung my DSLR over my shoulder and we were off. 


Serenity and Freedom.

We headed to two of our favorite trails in the area in hopes of finding some deer. But, instead we were greeted by a quite and serene landscape covered in snow. It’s beautiful. We love the trail during the spring and summer but, in winter it was amazing. 



The moment I captured was absolutely breathtaking. At least it was to me, it reminded me the beauty, innocence and fun that childhood holds. We hung it over our buffet table so that every morning when I am making my cup of coffee, I will be reminded of this.

On the way home we stopped by the small park that is just off the trail and Gabby climbed one of the jungle gyms. Eleven years later, seeing her climb up still gives me the willies. Reluctantly, I let her go all the way up and at that moment, I realized the absolute freedom of childhood and I snapped my shutter.



The crunch of the snow beneath our feet, the crisp air against our cheeks and the complete stillness of the forest was perfect. We just stopped and stood still so that we could possibly catch some deer but, no such luck. Instead I pressed my shutter and captured this. 




Winter Wonderland.

After taking several shots on our nature walk that day, I decided on a close-up shot of the fence that outlooks the field and the forest. We had been coming to this trail for years and both the girls have posed in front of this very fence. We decided to make it into a canvas print and hung it in our downstairs bathroom. It needed a little love and what better than a reminder of serenity?



Pure Quality.

The more products that I try from Posterjack, the more impressed I am. The canvas prints are perfectly framed and have a sturdy wire to hang anywhere in your home. I picked the mirrored edges to make the picture look even better! I think the image makes a statement.

For more information or to turn your favorite pictures into artwork, go to! Make sure to follow along and see what I have in store for March! You can check out all of our January photos, here.

What inspires you during winter?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. Wow, some great pictures. I have been reading great things about Posterjack. I am going to have to try them out, would be fun to turn some of my pictures into art.

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